Mountain West Hot Seat Rankings: Who Is Safe, Who Is Not?

Mountain West Hot Seat Rankings: Who Is Safe, Who Is Not?

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Mountain West Hot Seat Rankings: Who Is Safe, Who Is Not?


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Mountain West Hot Seat Rankings: Who Is Safe, Who Is Not?

What coach’s seat is on fire and who is chilling on an iceberg?

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The pressure is on for some coaches

Welp. This is embarrassing.

This article about coaches on the hot seat or likely to be fired has been sitting in my to-do list for about a month, maybe longer. I sent out a google form for our staff to fill out and it just sat and sat to be written.

Maybe I felt it was cruel to write about what coach is likely to be fired, but that would be a lie.

I just plain forget, sorry.

There is already one game in the books with Hawaii topping Arizona in a great way to start the college football season. Week 0 just snuck up on me this year.

With that out of the way, here is how our staff ranked the coaches from safest to butts on fire. The scale was 0-4, just because, and below is a very arbitrary scale.

0 – Sitting on a block of ice
1 – Chilling in a pool
2 – A/C is broke in your car and it is late spring
3 – Got the flu and sweating like crazy
4 – Holy crap the house is on fire and I only have a bucket of water to put it out.

This list is not what coach could leave for a different job but if they will be fired. This ranking is coolest to hottest.

12. Bryan Harsin – Boise State (0.06)

Honestly, not sure how Bryan Harsin is not at a zero rating, I guess if the wheels some fall off and everything imaginable goes wrong and the Broncos go 0-12 there could be a case for him to be fired. Even in a worst-case scenario he will not be let go by the Broncos.

His first year they won the Fiesta Bowl, two conference titles in three appearances, and has 52 wins in five years.

11. Jeff Tedford – Fresno State (0.17)

Going to back-to-back conference title games in his first two years and then winning one makes a coach really safe. There is not much to say but Tedford is sitting on a nice block of ice doing an amazing job of turning around the Bulldogs program in just two years.

10. Gary Andersen – Utah State (0.44)

Being a new head coach means there is almost zero chance that Utah State will fire Gary Andersen after just one year. Especially so since he is coming back to coach in Logan, Utah, and his first stint was arguably the best ever up until that point at Utah State.


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