Attempting To Make Sense Of New Mexico's Quarterback Situation

Attempting To Make Sense Of New Mexico's Quarterback Situation

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Attempting To Make Sense Of New Mexico's Quarterback Situation


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Attempting To Make Sense Of New Mexico’s Quarterback Situation

Who be QB1 when New Mexico hosts Sam Houston State

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There is a three-way battle

With just two weeks to go before the New Mexico Lobos take on their first opponent Sam Houston State at DreamStyle Stadium in Albuquerque, they have a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Somebody forgot to tell this team that they are predicted to be bottom dwellers entering into the 2109 season in the MWC Mountain division.  

Coach Bob Davie has the thumb down on this team and his motto, “out work, out hit, and out discipline” is being played out at the Lobo practice field these days. 

The Lobos scrimmaged last Saturday with 85 plays with no injuries after two very heavy days of practice. 

Davie was very pleased with after the scrimmage.

“It’s something we don’t take for granted; Saturday was a positive for us,” Davie said. “There has been a consistent energy with this team since last spring that I am very pleased, and most encouraged by.” 

Davie said he is also encouraged by the chemistry and energy on his team. 

One of the things you have to really like about Davie is his realistic and candid conversations about the strengths and weakness of his teams. 

One of the strengths of a Davie coached team in past years was the discipline of no turnovers, holding calls, and personal fouls penalties. 

Playing smart football had put this Lobo team in better positions to win games before the last two years. There is no doubt that football teams that lack the big-time talent have to play smart football to win football games. 

It’s very obvious being at a practice that this team is out to prove the naysayers wrong and they are determined to prove it. 

New Mexico for many years has played the “no respect” card for many years, even under former Lobo coach Rocky Long, this has served New Mexico teams them well. 

Coach Davie showing lots of passion and fire during these practices and you could hardly believe he is entering his 8 seasons with his love for the game of football. 

When asked about his passion after all these years.

“I am as excited about this year like the first year I arrived! Let’s be honest about it, we have been 3-8 for two consecutive years,” Davie said. “It’s still fun to coach and have this opportunity. I still feel very fortunate to be coaching football, the X’s the O’s that’s what is all about.”

Last year starting QB Tevaka Tuioti was back after missing eight practices and also missing Lobo scrimmage on Saturday.  He returned Thursday back to California to be with his grandfather and has participated in only four practices. 

This has created a very interesting scenario for the Lobo’s new offensive coordinator Joe Dailey. Going into the season, most everyone in Lobo land expected Tuioti to be the starter. 

So, in his absence, last year’s starter after Tuiotis injury Senior Sherion Jones and JUCO Brent Hughes were taking most of the snaps.

Also, in the mix is a hungry red shirt freshman Redshirt Trae Hall in the mix. Last year he backed up Jones and has starting to grasp this offense.

“I want to keep working hard, learning my reads, get better and get on the field to play,” said Hall.

All these quarterbacks are solid quarterbacks with strengths that they bring to the Lobo offense. 

Jones started seven games last year is determined to correct his turnovers mistakes from last year and step up to help these Lobos win games. It would seem that this new Joe Dailey offense, Jones would be benefit with his athleticism. 

There was no question that he has shown sparks of that and if he can minimize the turnovers, that would bode well for the Lobos. Hughes has come from a huddle system where he got into a huddle and read a play off the wristband.

He is making the adjustment to Dailey’s offense, a system to see signals, communicate some things, and instantly snap and react to what is going on defensively. 

“I thought Brent Hughes did a really good job coming out of spring being able to execute. Very intelligent, phenomenal arm strength and good athlete,” Dailey said.

Hughes really looked impressive in practice with a very strong & accurate arm. He looks very mature, solid arm and very confident in the way he carries himself and his play on the field.  

It would seem that the Lobos biggest challenge this year is to find that explosive running back that the Lobos have come to rely on the past few years.

“This system is designed for any type of quarterback to play in it, the more talent you have the more results, the more numbers you can put up,” said Dailey.

Davie has not decided who will be their Lobos starting quarterback against the Bearkats at Dreamstyle Stadium August 31st in Albuquerque. 

It will be very interesting to see how this quarterback situation plays out but if the Lobos are to win games, they must have an offense that can score points to win games.


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