Six Burning Questions For Colorado State Football

Six Burning Questions For Colorado State Football

Colorado State

Six Burning Questions For Colorado State Football

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Six Burning Questions For Colorado State Football

Our staff takes a look at he Rams season 

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How will CSU Rams season go?

1. What does a successful season look like?

@MattK_FSThis might be setting the bar a little low, but I think rebounding to five wins would mark a successful season. And it may perhaps be related, but changing their fortunes in rivalry games against Wyoming and Air Force and the like would surely help fans feel better about the program’s near future under Mike Bobo.

@BradHubbard – Success means two things; 1) a bowl game 2) if not a bowl game, very obvious progress on the offensive and defensive lines that gives the fan base the confidence to believe that things are getting better under Bobo.

@J0shFr3d – A successful season is above .500 and back to a bowl game at a minimum.

@JeremyMauss – Winning more games than last year’s three and getting to five would be considered a success. Collin Hill being one of the top three quarterbacks in the league will be a great jump start for 2020 which is when the Rams could take a big step forward. Plus, beating a rival which head coach Mike Bobo has struggled with in his tim in Fort Collins.

2. What does an unsuccessful football season look like?

@MattK_FS I think an unsuccessful season will hinge on a marked lack of progress on the defensive side of the ball. Just in terms of yards allowed per play, the Rams have regressed every single year since 2014, so they’ll need to pick up what should be a pretty solid offense more often than they did last season. If they’re still losing a lot of 38-27 games, that’s a failure.

@BradHubbard – Unsuccessful season would look a lot like last year which means the defense isn’t improving and the offensive line cannot open holes for any of the running backs.

@J0shFr3d – An unsuccessful season looks like last year with no signs of improvement.

@JeremyMauss – It is easy to repeat everyone else here and say don’t win just three games like last year. Keep losing those close games would be a big setback and to change that the team needs the defense to finally get better and get close to average in the league. The running game stays at the bottom of the league means there is no clear RB1 and the offensive line struggles.

3. Who is a player that no one is talking about that we should know now?

@MattK_FSWe haven’t really seen much of him since 2016, but if defensive lineman Toby McBride is healthy, he could be a difference maker in a unit that was tested last fall but should be deep and potentially strong in 2019. Don’t forget: McBride had seven tackles for loss and four sacks as a true freshman.

@BradHubbardMarcus McElroy (RB). If he gets going that means that the offensive line has come together and balance is restored to the offense.

@J0shFr3dJalen Bates (DL). Yeah, he’s getting a little recognition, but any whispers coming out of camp all say that Bates is increasing the intensity along the defensive line. And the gym stats, strength coach Joey G is putting out, show that he is one of the most athletic guys on the team.

@JeremyMauss – Nate Craig-Meyers (WR) he was rated as the No. 6 receiver in the nation back in 2016 as a high school recruit and transferred in from Auburn last year. The history of the Rams landing transfer receivers like Michael Gallup who have become studs. Craig-Meyers is not eligible during the first month since he had to sit out a few year. Look for him to be a name to know in league play.


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