Opinion: If MW Turns To Streaming, It Should Avoid FloSports

Opinion: If MW Turns To Streaming, It Should Avoid FloSports

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Opinion: If MW Turns To Streaming, It Should Avoid FloSports


The US rugby community also has it’s issues with Flo. FloRugby secured the rights to the USA Eagles matches for the next few years, excluding the World Cup matches. The high price point and relative lack of a quality product have led US rugby fans to lament the deal that was signed.

(Full Disclosure: The author is a fan of rugby, including the USA Eagles.)

The broadcast quality of Flo streams is also a complaint. FloTrack is celebrated as one of the better streaming services for its quality and the attention it brings to the track community. But other channels have their issues with the stream quality.

Going back to rugby while mentioning stream quality and just overall effort. The Eagles playing in yearly competition with teams from the Americas, called the Americas Rugby Championship. ESPN has secured the rights to this competition everywhere expect the US. FloRugby chooses to just use the ESPN broadcast and overlay their commentary on the stream.

This brings up the point of why would people pay for a product they were already getting for free. The CAA deal mentioned previously is still going to have the broadcasts produced by the schools like they were before. It’s just now they are going to be behind the FloSports paywall, instead of the CAA.tv in house service they currently use.

If the Mountain West wants to turn to streaming, go for it. Try to get the best deal you can. The Mountain West already streams games on Twitter and Facebook and they’re decent options. An ESPN deal, just not as long as the AAC’s, would work. Hell, go for broke and go with Twitch. Please just don’t negotiate a deal with FloSports. There are better options out there.


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