2019 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

2019 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

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2019 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Tracker


2019 NFL Undrafted Free Agent Tracker

The NFL Draft is over, but plenty of Mountain West players will find their way to the pros as free agents.

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What teams have signed Mountain West players after the draft?

There were 10 Mountain West players taken in the NFL Draft, but those are not the only players who will be getting a shot at the next level. Many more undrafted free agents will get signed and have a chance to make a 53-man roster.

This list will be updated as athletes are signed.

Boise State

QB Brett Rypien – Denver Broncos [Source] [Draft Profile]

DL Durrant Miles – Atlanta Falcons [Source]

WR A.J. Richardson – Arizona Cardinals [Source]

DB Tyler Horton – Miami Dolphins [Source] [Draft Profile]

EDGE Jabril Frazier – New York Jets [Source] [Draft Profile]

WR Sean Modster – Baltimore Ravens [Source] [Draft Profile]

Colorado State

RB Izzy Matthews – Houston Texans [mini-camp invite] [Source]

WR Preston Williams – Miami Dolphins [Source] [Draft Profile]

LB Josh Watson – Denver Broncos [Source]

LB Tre Thomas – Indianapolis Colts [Source]

Fresno State

LB Jeff Allison – New York Jets [Source] [Draft Profile]

S Mike Bell – Green Bay Packers [mini-camp invite] [Source] [Draft Profile]

WR Brian Burt – Oakland Raiders [mini-camp invite] [Source]

OL Micah St. Andrew – Detroit Lions [Source]

WR Jamire Jordan – Kansas City Chiefs [Source]

DB Tank Kelly – Baltimore Ravens [Source]

QB Marcus McMaryion – Oakland Raiders [Rookie camp] [Source]


DB Jomon Dotson – Chicago Bears [Source]

LS Wes Farnsworth – Miami Dolphins [Source]

QB Ty Gangi – Tampa Bay Buccaneers [mini-camp invite] [Source]

DE Malik Reed – Denver Broncos [Source] [Draft Profile]

New Mexico

WR Delane Hart-Johnson – Seattle Seahawks [Mini-camp invite] [Source]

CB D’Angelo Ross – New England Patriots [Source]

CB Jalin Burrell – Kansas City Chiefs [Source]

San Diego State

K John Baron II – Chicago Bears [Source]

S Parker Baldwin – Atlanta Falcons [Source] [Draft Profile]

OL Ryan Pope – Detroit Lions [Source]

OL Tyler Roemer – Oakland Raiders [Source]

WR Fred Trevillion – Green Bay Packers [mini-camp invite] [Source]

San Jose State

CB Dakari Monroe – Kansas City Chiefs [Source]

DT Boogie Roberts – Los Angeles Rams [Source] [Draft Profile]


OL Nathan Jacobson – Denver Broncos [mini-camp invite] [Source]

RB Lexington Thomas – Indianapolis Colts [mini-camp invite] [Source] [Draft Profile]

Utah State

S Gaje Ferguson – Kansas City Chiefs [Source]

C Quin Ficklin – Tampa Bay Buccaneers [mini-camp invite] [Source]

DB Aaron Wade – Cleveland Browns [Source]

TE Dax Raymond – Chicago Bears [Source] [Draft Profile]

DB Jontrell Rocquemore – Cleveland Browns [Source]

WR Ron’quavion Tarver – Chicago Bears [Source]

WR Aaren Vaughns – Detroit Lions [Source]

OL Roman Andrus – Kansas City Chiefs [Source]


TE Tyree Mayfield – San Francisco 49ers [Source]

TE Austin Fort – Denver Broncos [Source]

DL Youhanna Ghaifan – Washington Redskins [mini-camp invite] [Source]

DL Carl Granderson – New Orleans Saints [Source] [Draft Profile]

DL Sidney Malauulu – San Francisco 49ers [Rookie mini-camp] [Source]

RB Nico Evans – Philadelphia Eagles [Source]

S Andrew Wingard – Jacksonville Jaguars [Source] [Draft Profile]


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