Way Too Early Boise State 2019 Depth Chart

Way Too Early Boise State 2019 Depth Chart

Boise State

Way Too Early Boise State 2019 Depth Chart

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Way-Way Too Early Boise State 2019 Depth Chart

Who will take over key positions for the Broncos?

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Early Guesswork at How the Broncos Will Look in 2019

Ah, the way way too early depth chart.  Truly this is one the most fun article I (Raja) get to write every year.  This year I got my fellow Bronco fanboys, Erik and Collin, to give me a hand.  We each made a separate depth chart and then compiled the results to make one collaborative depth chart.

First an important disclaimer.  While we are Bronco fanatics and graduates of Boise State University, the three of us have absolutely zero inside information.  

This depth chart was created from statistics from previous years, recruiting rankings, rumors, previous depth charts, and wild speculation. And most importantly, pay attention to the title of the article.  This depth chart is unreasonably too early as spring ball has not even started yet. Much will change between now and August 31, 2019, when Boise State travels to Jacksonville, Florida to face off against the Florida State Seminoles.

In the upcoming days, we will preview each position group individually and reveal the complete individual depths charts that the three of us have created. Each of us had significant differences in the way we ranked the players at each position group (especially at quarterback, which we will preview first) and will take a look at the strengths and weakness of the groups in our upcoming previews.

The QB debate was hot and heated, 3 different writers produced 3 different players at the QB 1 spot.  One of us had Chase Cord at the QB 1 spot, but the other two thought it was too much to ask of Cord to be medically ready to go for week 1 after a midseason ACL tear in 2018.  We all are fans of the highly touted recruit Hank Bachmeir.

Bachmeier was QB 1 or QB 2 in all 3 depth charts. Unless Cord is cleared to play or Bachmeier has a truly dominant spring, I expect the starting quarterback position to remain a mystery all the way until kickoff.

Like the quarterback discussion, we once again disagreed on running backs. Andrew Van Buren did slot at either RB 1 or RB 2 in all three depth charts but returning backup Robert Mahone was all over the place.  Mahone showed up at RB 1, RB 3, and RB 5. We do not expect highly ranked recruit George Holani to redshirt.

Finally some consensus.  We were all on the same page for the first string and second string at wide receiver and only had minor disagreements for the third string, shout out to true freshman Dakevon Blaylock. Despite being on the second string, we all anticipate a big year from Khalil Shakir running and catching the ball.

We could not agree on Garrett Collingham who showed up at TE 1, TE 2, and TE 5 but all 3 of us like John Bates and incoming highly touted JC transfer, Austin Griffin. Tyneil Hopper, a big 2018 recruit, did not play last year and is a wildcard here.

Of course, we agreed on returning all-conference selections Ezra Cleveland and John Molchon along with Garret Larson and John Ojukwu for the starters but had completely different players filling out the rest of our depth charts. The line has been talented the last few years but has struggled with consistency at times.


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