Is It Nevada Or UNR?

Is It Nevada Or UNR?

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Is It Nevada Or UNR?


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Is It Nevada Or UNR?

Why is there so much fighting over a name?

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Lessons To Be Learned From Shakespeare.

Before and after the recent UNLV and Nevada basketball game there was much ado over the name of Nevada basketball.  Because of the national prominence of Nevada basketball these days the trivial and inconsequential spat between UNLV and Nevada over the proper name for the school in Reno made it’s way to the national stage.

None other than the Washington Post picked up on the pettiness of the “name” controversy saying this. “Down here (Las Vegas) they call them UNR, or the University of Nevada-Reno. There’s some satisfaction in that, especially now that UNLV is no longer the best team in the state. The rest of college basketball calls them Nevada. And those really in the know are calling them a legitimate Final Four team.”

Even those of us that have but a passing acquaintance of Shakespeare are familiar the following lines: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By Any Other Name would smell as sweet.”

This is a deeply profound in that it suggests that a name is simply a label to distinguish one thing from another and that names have no intrinsic worth or value.  It is the person, thing or institution that has worth or value based on its actions.  While UNLV media and fans may still call Nevada basketball UNR or just Reno it was the Washington post that summed it all up with  “Those really in the know are calling them a legitimate Final Four team.”

It wasn’t only the Washington Post that picked up on the strange stubbornness of the Las Vegas media to continue to refer to Nevada as UNR or just plain Reno as KLAS News 8 did.

ESPN Radio’s Tyler Bischoff and Chris Murray from Nevada Sports Net couldn’t resist jumping into the fray in this incredible, and long, twitter thread.

Chris Murray did indeed decide to write an article on the topic thus ensuring that this will once again be a topic debated ad nauseum on social media when these 2 teams meet again at the end of February.  Nevada fans may want to keep the link to that fun twitter thread for future reference.

The back and forth reminds me of my childhood where my younger brother would intentionally pronounce Chicago with an R inserted after the A.  For some unknown reason it would irritate me to no end, therefore my devious brother would say “ChicaRgo” over and over until I would react.  UNLV fans and media are that younger brother or sister repeating “UNR” over and over.  Just an FYI for Nevada fans, my brother stopped saying “ChicaRgo” only after I refused to be goaded in such a way.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By Any Other Name would smell as sweet.”  Nevada fans should just ignore the “slings and barbs” of UNLV fans because whatever name they call Nevada people that “know are calling them a legitimate Final Four team.”


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