What Mountain West Team Got The Best Bowl Gifts?

What Mountain West Team Got The Best Bowl Gifts?

Arizona Bowl

What Mountain West Team Got The Best Bowl Gifts?


Ranking College Football Bowl Gifts

What Mountain West team got the best bowl gifts?

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Some free stuff is better than others

Bowl season is the one few times college athletes can actually get stuff for being good at football. It is a small gesture that they are allowed to get about $550 worth of stuff, some good and some bad. It in no way makes up for what some could get if, ya know, players could make a few bucks off of their likeness, but that is a conversation for another day.

Sports Business Journal recently released its annual comprehensive list of bowl game gifts, and we decided to rank what the Mountain West teams are getting. Plus, we look at the best overall individual gift and worst as well.

6. DXL Frisco Bowl – San Diego State vs. Ohio
Gift suite; Justin cowboy hat; beanie cap; coin; pin; Big Game football

The gift suite could be the saving grace for this bowl game. However, we do not know how much it is or what type of items are in the store that the players can pick out. The cowboy hat is clearly a Texas thing (but only for some as I am a Texan and never once wore a cowboy hat) so the boys from San Diego and Ohio may not know what to do with that item.

One has to assume the coin and pin are likely going to commemorate the bowl game. Really a football? That is like giving Kobayashi a supply of hot dogs for winning the hot dog eating contest.

5. Servpro First Responder Bowl – Boston College vs. Boise State
Gift suite; RFID-blocking Ridge wallet; Big Game football

Football? Really? See above as to why that is a lame gift. Gift suite could make this interesting but it is non-descript. The RFID-blocking wallet would make a nice Christmas gift for that paranoid relative who is the conspiracy believer.

4. Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl – Fresno State vs. Arizona State
Gift suite (Value: $300); Las Vegas Bowl hat and beanie; branded fanny pack

At least with this one we know that gift suite’s value and it is a solid chunk of change at $300. Hat and beanie is nice and fun but really a branded fanny pack? Unless someone is imitating The Rock as a gag there is no reason to ever wear a fanny pack.

The top three are very, very close and anyone could top the list.

3. New Mexico Bowl – North Texas vs. Utah State
Gift suite; Oakley Jupiter Squared sunglasses; Oakley 5 Speed backpack; Bluetooth speaker; water bottle; beanie; Montgomery pen; Pacific Headwear trucker’s cap

The water bottle is the weakest item but of the group but you can never have enough water bottles. This package is great with the speaker, sunglasses, solid backpack, a gift suite, and a fancy fountain pen.

2. Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl – Arkansas State vs. Nevada
Ghostek backpack with a power bank and external USB port; Beats Buds; Kindle Fire with built-in Alexa; hydroflask; cooling towel; Frito Lay products in each bag

This is an amazing package. The portable USB charger is great when out camping, solid earbuds, a tablet, fancy water bottle and also food. Those Frito-Lay products better include flavor twists.

1. SoFi Hawai’i Bowl (Louisiana Tech vs. Hawaii)
Electronics gift suite; Oakley backpack; Oakley sunglasses; Tori Richard aloha shirt; shorts/swim trunks; performance T-shirt; beach towel

It is totally not fair that the best location for a bowl game also has the best gifts. The electronic gift suit is amazing and just edge out the Arizona Bowl because the players get to pick and choose what electronics they like. Plus, the items are very practical for being in Hawaii with the island-themed shirt, swimwear, and beach towel.

Best overall gift

Gotta go with the Oakley sunglasses.

Worst overall gift

Fanny pack and it is not even close.


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