Boise State Football Roundtable: Looking Back At The 2018 Regular Season

Boise State Football Roundtable: Looking Back At The 2018 Regular Season

Boise State

Boise State Football Roundtable: Looking Back At The 2018 Regular Season


Boise State Fan Round Table, 2018 Bronco Regular Season Reflection

A look back at the ’18 regular season for the Broncos that ended 10-3.

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A season with ups and downs, here’s what the fans have to say

Boise State entered the 2018 season with much preseason expectations and was ranked #22 at the year’s start, The Broncos did open the year terrifically but after losses to Oklahoma State and San Diego State, Boise State stood at 3-2. The Broncos recovered and rattled off seven straight wins including a thrilling win over #21 Utah State on the last game of the season to clinch the Mountain Division for the second straight year. The Broncos ultimately were defeated at home to a ranked Fresno State team in the Mountain West Championship Game. Boise State did finish ranked in every poll, including #25 in the final college football playoff rankings of the year.

Boise State was ravaged with injuries and went through spectacular highs and lows in a memorable season.  We rounded up the usual Mountain West Wire Boise State ‘experts’ (this word is used quite loosely) but also asked a few other prominent Boise State supporters from Twitter to chime in and give us their opinion.

  1. In a few sentences say hello and let us know what your Boise State fandom background is.

@RajaBleedsBlue (MOUNTAIN WEST WIRE Boise State Contributor)

Hi, my name is Raja.  I moved to Boise in 2008 to go to school and fell in love with the Broncos. What started as a fun rooting interest has slowly evolved into an unhealthy obsession and addiction.  I love Boise State and am grateful that the football team kicks a**. 

@PolarisMan17 (MOUNTAIN WEST WIRE Boise State Contributor)

Hey, my name is Collin. I grew up watching Boise State Football before they made the jump to the FBS level. I remember freezing my butt off at their first bowl game (the 1999 Humanitarian Bowl) when they beat Louisville 34-31. The success only took off from there and it has been a wild and special ride since. On Twitter at 

@erik_smiley54 (MOUNTAIN WEST WIRE Boise State Contributor)

Hello! My name is Erik, and I have been a Boise State fan since the early 2000s. I did have split loyalties at first, but the Bronco passion has grown to the point where they are the only team for me. 

Hi! I’m Matt. Bleeding Blue since ’85, find me on twitter @Mattfrost85.

My first game was the win over Idaho for the Big Sky championship in 94. I grew up listening to the Broncos play on the radio via the man the myth and of course legend Paul J Schneider. I’m currently serving in the military and live in North Carolina. 

My Twitter handle is @Walrus_Kasra where you’ll mostly find me talking Broncos, Timbers, and politics among other things.

My name is Kevin. I first attended Boise State in 2003-2004 prior to joining the Air Force, but I didn’t start following the Broncos in earnest until 2005-2006 season culminating in that magical first Fiesta Bowl. That game cemented my love for the Broncos. Upon completing my four-year enlistment, I came back to Boise State in 2008 to finish my degree and graduated in 2012. I became a first-time season ticket holder this season and fully intend to renew my tickets for many years.

Hey, my name is Tami, and I’ve been a BSU fan for…a long time now. On Twitter: @reflectivity

Football has been my favorite sport to watch for a long time, and seeing Boise beat Fresno that night in 2001 was enough to lock me into Boise State fandom. 

UP NEXT: How do you feel about the 2018 regular season?


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