2018 Mountain West Football Title Game Predictions

2018 Mountain West Football Title Game Predictions

Boise State

2018 Mountain West Football Title Game Predictions


2018 Mountain West Football Title Game Predictions

Find out who our staff likes this week in the biggest game of the year.

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Boise State or Fresno State?

Our staff is back to make picks for the final Mountain West game of the year.

Raja (Boise State):

I think this contest will be highly contested again….  for the first half.  The dam will break and the Bronco avalanche will pour through and the Broncos will maintain a solid lead and wins this game and clinches the Mountain West Championship trophy for the second straight year.  Fresno State will fight hard in a tough environment but it will be for naught.  Broncos win this one.  Boise State 38 Fresno State 27

Erik Smiley (Boise State):

Boise State has had a lot of close games this year. I really don’t expect this one to be a blow out by any means, but I do expect the Broncos to finish drives better than they did in the last matchup. With the forecast of cold and possibly inclement weather, I like the location advantage even more. I think Boise State pulls away a little more and wins 34-17.

Logan Jones (Utah State):

There are cracks in Boise’s armor in the form of some meaningful injuries, and as good as Rypien has been late in the season he’s rarely faced an opposing QB of his caliber. It’ll also be tough for Mattison to repeat his 144-yard 2-TD performance.

Fresno’s NY6 dreams were dashed a few weeks ago when the Broncos escaped with that 24-17 win — it seems only right for the Bulldogs to take that personally and respond in kind. Fresno State 30, Boise State 24.

Boise State wins 34-20. Boise State wins back to back Mountain West Championships with a tip of the cap to Bronco Nation for showing up loud and proud.

Jeremy Mauss (MWC):

Boise State 24, Fresno State 20

To hear everything I have to say about this game is to listen to our preview podcast, but here is the short version of why I think Boise State will win. The main thing is that this game is going to be close because a blowout is the most unlikely thing to happen.

This game will be defined by a handful of plays, but my main takeaway is that it will once again be Alexander Mattison that is the difference in this game and he may not be as good as a few weeks ago, but he will have a big game.

This will be a close game just like the first meeting this season. I expect a closer margin of victory for Boise, but Fresno will make it close at the end. Boise State 24, Fresno State 21.

mattwad24 (Fresno State):

I’m going for it all this year. Fourth matchup in two years, second in a month, and everything on the line. Two ranked teams, two great programs, two outstanding coaches going head to head. Fresno State was up 14 in the third quarter a few weeks back and talking to a few players that loss left an awful taste in their mouth. They will be ready, and the MWC title is ours once again. Game of the year candidate, but the Bulldogs take this one and hope for a spot in a New Years Bowl. Fresno State 31, Boise State 27.


Boise State is 6-2 against Fresno State since joining the Mountain West. This is the 4th meeting between the two rivals in a 2-year timespan, but there’s a stat that remains the same: Fresno State has never won in Boise. The blue turf’s mystique can only be debunked by San Diego State. Boise State on top, 34-24.

Matthew Kenerly (Fresno State):

I’m pretty sure I sound like a broken record at this point, but there’s nothing in this matchup that makes me think it’ll be more than a one-score decision either way. The difference, though, is that we’ve now seen the Broncos adjust to their injuries and inefficiencies. The changes on the offensive line have helped Mattison improve his YPC average by almost a full yard in November, even as he paced the FBS in carries during November.

The pass defense has stabilized with Jalen Walker and Jordan Happle, while the pass rush has basically been a top-20 unit down the stretch. Both teams should be able to land some blows, as they have in each of the past three games, but I’m not going to be surprised when Boise State grinds down Fresno State just enough to come away with another championship. Boise State 24, Fresno State 21.


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