Aztecs Left Tackle Tyler Roemer No Longer With The Team

Aztecs Left Tackle Tyler Roemer No Longer With The Team

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Aztecs Left Tackle Tyler Roemer No Longer With The Team


Aztecs Left Tackle Tyler Roemer No Longer With The Team

Tyler Roemer was a USA Today Freshman All American last year; now he is off the roster.

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Will Tyler Roemer do what it takes to return to the Aztecs?  Are the Aztecs battling themselves instead of opponents?

On Monday afternoon, sophomore left tackle Tyler Roemer was taken off of the Aztecs football roster, and until further notice he is not with the team.

Roemer was suspended indefinitely with another player before the Fresno State game two weeks ago, missing the last two games of the regular season, including Saturday night’s match against Hawaii. Redshirt freshman wide receiver Kyre Richardson was also removed from the roster, although his departure was announced weeks ago.

In that time span the Aztecs went 0 for 2 and in both games the Aztecs were uncharacteristically out of kilter- especially on offense.

The roster changes were announced during coach Rocky Long’s noon news conference yesterday. Roemer had started in 23 straight games before the Fresno State game. Senior right tackle Ryan Pope replaced Roemer at left tackle and sophomore Kyle Spalding replaced Pope in right tackle.

It has not been disclosed what led to Roemer being suspended and removed.

Roemer, a 6’7” 315-lb redshirt sophomore from Fernley, Nevada, has been on an NFL track. Last year he earned USA Today Freshman All-American honors, and was Second Team all-Mountain West. He was also SDSU’s offensive lineman of the year.

Many fans and students were surprised by the announcement.

Long did respond to one question. Asked last week if there was a chance for Roemer to rejoin the team, Long said, “That’s yet to be determined.”

Long shared in detail what happens before a player can get back in good standing. “I visit with everybody that (a player) comes in contact with and see what their opinion is,” Long said. “I can’t talk to the teachers, so I have the academic people talk to them. Then I talk to the academic people and the trainers.”

If it involves a player still living in the dorms, then Long speaks with “people in the dorms and get a feel for how he is with everybody else.” Then, Long said, a player “would have to prove to me that his behavior would change.” As for Roemer, Long said, “It’s not to that point yet.”

Asked if Roemer could get back in good standing with the team in time to play in a potential bowl game next month, Long said, “I would say no. It would be next semester, if at all.”

Returning is up in the air. Roemer could transfer to another school and play, although he would have to sit out for a year, unless he plays FCS. As a third-year player Roemer could request league approval to enter the NFL Draft.

If coach Long subscribes to the concept that “you are what you tolerate” then the Aztecs will have to know that following the rules comes before winning on his team.

Roemer is a talented football player, and fans hope he works his way back on to the Aztecs roster.


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