Mike Francesa Slams Utah State, West Coast Football

Mike Francesa Slams Utah State, West Coast Football

Fresno State

Mike Francesa Slams Utah State, West Coast Football


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Mike Francesa Slams Utah State, West Coast Football

This is probably how the playoff committee talks prior to voting.

Old East coast media guy admits to not paying attention to important games.

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It is not a shock to anyone that people on the East Coast don’t pay as close attention to the West Coast teams and some feel that there is a bias when it comes to respect, rankings and even knowledge.

People who work in the media, and especially ones that vote, should have an idea about the team they are ranking and make the time. There are DVR’s, YouTube clips with condensed games or just staying up late to watch good teams.

Then there is Mike Francesa Slams of WFAN. He seems to be the living emobiment of a typical East Coast guy who lives in New York City. Yes, his show is local to New York City but it takes on national topics and someone decided to call in and to talk about, gasp, Utah State and Fresno State.

Of course, Francesa knew nothing about the teams and was dismissive of them, but this should come as no surprise as this is the same guy who didn’t know Dino Babers was the head coach at Syracuse. That is a school in his home state, so knowing anything of importance, or caring, about the Mountain West should come as no surprise.

This response to his thoughts about West Coast football is probably a carbon copy reenactment of how the College Football Playoff Committee talks about Group of Five teams.

It should be noted that Utah State has had three games that have kicked at 4 or 4:30 p.m. ET and another two where Mike could have watched the first half — to be honest that is all that needs to be viewed for the Aggies so far this year — with a pair of kicks at 8 or 8:30 p.m. ET. Even by not watching the 10 p.m. ET or even the midnight game there were plenty of chances at decent hours to take in Utah State football.


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