Boise State vs. BYU: Broncos Survive Last Second Effort From BYU, 21-16

Boise State vs. BYU: Broncos Survive Last Second Effort From BYU, 21-16

Boise State

Boise State vs. BYU: Broncos Survive Last Second Effort From BYU, 21-16


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Boise State vs. BYU: Broncos Survive Last Second Effort From BYU, 21-16

Broncos Sack Former Commit 7 Times in Nail Biter

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Broncos escape at home vs. the Cougars

BYU comes into Boise riddled with inconsistencies and injuries to some of its key players. Change the “YU” to “SU” and you have the same story for Boise State as well. The same BYU team the beat Wisconsin early in the season is coming into this weeks game off a 7-6 loss to Northern Illinois.

Likewise, Boise State has been productively inconsistent. The defense has either been lights out our lit up and while the offense hasn’t had much trouble scoring, they had had to do it with no real running game to speak of. This is a game that can go any possible way, and history would indicate a close game, Most are pulling for a Boise State Blow out.

First Quarter:

The Broncos came out firing on all cylinders as a team. Special teams capitalized on a poor choice by Cougar return man Riley Burt to come out of the end zone, tackling him on the 13-yard line. The defense followed suit by holding BYU to -2 yards on their opening drive, including a sack of former commit Zach Wilson. The offense capitalized on the great field position, punching in a score from the 1-yard line on a 4th down run by Alex Mattison, capping off a 41-yard drive.

After the defense and special teams stepped up and forced a missed 48-yard Skyler Southam field goal attempt, the offense continued to punish the Cougar defense. The Broncos put together an 11 play, 69-yard touchdown drive that pushed the lead to 14-0. A.J. Richardson made a spectacular catch on the sideline to get the Broncos down to the 11-yard line before being rewarded by Brett Rypien with a 7-yard pass into the end zone.

Avery Williams stepped up for the Broncos on special teams by forcing a fumble on the ensuing kick off that was recovered by Senior running back Skyler Seibold, earning Seibold his first trip to the Turnover Throne

Boise State 14, BYU 0

Second Quarter:

The Broncos were poised to capitalize on the field position to start the 2nd quarter but Haden Hoggarth’s field goal attempt was pulled hard to the left, sailing well wide of the goal post.

BYU finally got on the scoreboard with a 26-yard field goal after Zach Wilson led the Cougars on a 12 play drive, covering 67 yards. Wilson showed why he was highly sought after by putting together some good runs and an impressive throw.

The Cougars continued to chip away at the Boise State lead after their defense forced a Rypien interception that was returned to the Boise State 19 yard line. unable to move the ball on the ground BYU relied on Wilson’s arm again with two quick completions getting them to a 1st and goal on the Bronco 5 yard line.

The Boise State defense fought back and pushed BYU into a 4th and goal from the Broncos 26 years line. The Cougars were finally able to convert on a 43-yard field goal to narrow the Bronco lead to 14-6.

After a Bronco punt, the Cougars were working their way back down to the red zone in an attempt to close the gap further on Boise State. Both teams helped the other during the drive with sloppy play, The Broncos with a pass interference call on 3rd down and multiple holding calls on BYU, the drive ended with fumbled snap from Wilson that was recovered by Jabril Frazier for the Broncos second turn over of the half.

Boise State was unable to turn the possession into points as Ezra Cleveland was called for a personal foul that negated a 17-yard completion and kept the Broncos out of field goal range leading into the half.

Boise State 14, BYU 6



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