Utah State vs. Wyoming: Keys to an Aggie Win

Utah State vs. Wyoming: Keys to an Aggie Win

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Utah State vs. Wyoming: Keys to an Aggie Win


Utah State vs. Wyoming: Keys to an Aggie blowout…er…win

Utah State’s energetic romp through the Mountain West continues in Laramie as the Aggies face a Wyoming offense determined to avoid the end zone

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Can the Cowboys slow Utah State’s offense even a little bit?

The narrative of each team’s season is well in focus by now — here comes Utah State, second only to mighty Alabama in its ability to pummel opponents with a Mike Tyson-esque flurry of offensive knockout blows in a matter of seconds. The Aggies’ bold challenger this weekend? The Wyoming Cowboys, a team composed of one decently stingy defense and the rotting remains of a Josh Allen-less offense averaging 15.4 ppg.

My my, how the tables have turned.

Jordan Love continues toying with defenses

If there’s any defense in the conference who might know a thing or two about getting after Love, it’s Wyoming. The Cowboys harassed Love last year in the very worst of those weird “not the starter but also we gotta find this kid some playing time” stints, snatching three interceptions and cashing one in for a pick-six.

Unfortunately for the Wyoming faithful, this Aggie team is not last year’s team. The cold, calculated reign of USU’s sophomore QB is at hand, and with an awesome OC and a host of weapons at his disposal the Aggies are averaging 50+ per game regardless of venue, opponent or cries for mercy.

Love has nine passing TDs in the past two games alone, hasn’t been picked off in a month and might be the most efficient quarterback to ever wear an Aggie uniform. His 322 yards against UNLV last week came on 17 completions, which included 5 TDs and a second consecutive offensive POW nod from the Mountain West.

The OL deserves credit, Wells and Yost deserve credit, Tarver finally getting fed in the red zone deserves credit, heck the stellar running game deserves credit. It’s a team sport and this team is firing a barrage of talent at every defense unfortunate enough to stand in its way. That said, the difference an exceptional QB makes in an offense is unparalleled, and Love has the ability to prove his place among the premier players in the conference if his dominant play continues on its current course.

The Aggies have future pros in their front seven

Imagine being David Woodward. You clock in every Saturday night, make a dozen tackles, maybe if you’re feeling saucy get into UNLV’s backfield three times and remind quarterbacks what waking nightmares feel like. You are awesome. Life is good.

The same can be said for Tipa Galeai, who’s similarly dominating opposing linemen this season while most of us in the press box can’t tear ourselves away from on the Aggies’ sexy offense. Galeai and Woodward are somehow not the face of this team despite stitching together an excellent 2018 resume and building a case for all-conference honors.

Against a Cowboys offense that’s done the bare minimum to still be considered a Div. I team by their own athletic department, both of these soon-to-be pros should add to their respective highlight reels before returning home from another day at the office.

Players are wisely avoiding the hype (so far)

Few things can sink a promising season faster than the weight of expectations infiltrating the locker room. Will the Aggies make a NY6 Bowl? Is Jordan Love better than Chuckie Keeton? What’s the realistic ceiling for this season and beyond? These are all questions for fans (and MW writers) to discuss — before we throw around a Top 25 ranking or Bowl game projections, the Aggies need to handle their business.

So far this season head coach Matt Wells has successfully preached a weekly 1-0 mantra, a “this team this week” mentality, and has been rewarded with a mature group who smacked the Cougars around in Provo and then went back to work Monday to focus on punting UNLV into the sun. This is a team with huge potential and the confidence to play like it, but road conference games are still road conference games. The Aggies can’t be thinking about last year’s embarrassing ending against this Wyoming team — just get the win, get the rifle and get home.

…and if they do it with a 30-pt win, so be it.


Love turns the ball over early, but responds by throwing for a pair of touchdowns and runs in a third. Utah State forces three turnovers, Darwin Thompson scores his weekly rushing TD, and Wyoming gets humbled at home. Aggies all the way.

Utah State 38, Wyoming 7

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