New Mexico vs. Colorado State: Three Keys To A Rams Win

New Mexico vs. Colorado State: Three Keys To A Rams Win

Colorado State

New Mexico vs. Colorado State: Three Keys To A Rams Win


Three Keys to a Colorado State Win

Don’t step off the gas.

The Rams had a 28 point lead against San Jose State and almost let the win slip through their grasp. They need to keep the pressure up on both sides of the ball. No more complacency; the Rams need to go full throttle all game.

Head Coach Mike Bobo needs to stop going conservative when the Rams have a lead. CSU hasn’t shown they can hold a lead since his tenure as head coach has started. Keep the offense running on all cylinders is the only way the Rams can comfortably ensure a victory.

No more switching quarterbacks.

K.J. Carta-Samuels was named the started to begin the season. He has performed well at times and looked horrible at times. Coach Bobo has elected to put Collin Hill in for a couple series a game, usually in the third quarter. This leads to offensive rhythm hiccups.

Keeping one quarterback for the whole game should keep the Rams momentum going. Carta-Samuels is a rhythm quarterback and taking him out of the game disrupts that rhythm. Coach Bobo might be trying to help Hill get comfortable on his knee again, but the best thing for CSU is to stick with Carta-Samuels.

Contain Sheriron Jones.

After a not so hot start to the season for Jones, he has exploded these past two game with 562 passing yards and eight touchdown passes. The Rams secondary has been a weakness of theirs for the past couple of years, so they’ll need to make sure Jones can’t take advantage of them.

The Rams were able to get to Josh Love against the Spartans and they’ll need to do the same thing with Jones and the Lobos. The Rams defensive line came up with six sacks against San Jose State. CSU will need similar pressure to contain Jones.



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