Nevada Basketball Holds Silver, Blue Scrimmage

Nevada Basketball Holds Silver, Blue Scrimmage

Mountain West Basketball

Nevada Basketball Holds Silver, Blue Scrimmage


Nevada Basketball Holds Silver, Blue Scrimmage

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Get your first look at the Nevada basketball team

 Ever the showman, Eric Musselman opened up the event riding into the Old Virginia Street Gym on the back of a motorcycle donning the old Wolf Pack mascot outfit and closed out the night by being a prop for Trey Porter to jump over in the dunk contest. He also gave us the quote of the night, declaring “We have enough talent to win a National Championship.”

The format was old school playground style with 2 captains picking teams and shooting with the first pick.  Nisre Zouzoua winning first pick and selecting Cody Martin. Jazz Johnson selected Caleb Martin and on it went until the two teams were set.  I can say with a high degree of confidence that maybe only a handful of teams in the nation can field 2 teams that have anywhere near as much talent as we saw on display Thursday night.

The scrimmage was divided into 2 halve of 10 minutes each, which was enough time to officially declare this team scary.  Cody Martin led all scorers with 21 points to go along with 4 assists.. He showed off his improved three-point shot despite Jazz Johnson playing tough tight defense on the perimeter.

Jordan Brown had 11 points including one behind the arc along with 6 boards and displayed some great passing skills for a big. Trey Porter who was matched up against Brown scored 9 including a surprising 3 and also corralled 6 rebounds and 1 block. I say surprisingly because he only attempted 1 from distance last year, but then again he’s playing for Musselman now.


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