San Diego State Boasts Excellent Baseball Schedule for 2019

San Diego State will be challenged in OOC schedule

San Diego State Boasts Excellent Baseball Schedule for 2019

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San Diego State Boasts Excellent Baseball Schedule for 2019


Feb 26 (4/23) Home/Road San Diego

The Toreros are usually pretty good but 2018 was not kind as the team went 23-32. When writing this I found no stats – nothing listed so what can I say? I will say thumbs up mainly because this is a grudge match with area bragging rights on the line. Oh, Adam Kerner (.338 and 2) was enough to get him a Freshman AA and the same can be said about Shane McGuire (.287). Read about that elsewhere. Thumbs up.

Mar 5, 6 Home Texas Tech

The Red Raiders had an ok year. Yes, I jest as they went 45-20. They hit .309 as a team and had six .300 hitters. They also had five players with double figures in home runs. Pitchers’ nightmare. Pitching was ok at 4.48 but you don’t have to have hall of fame cred to win with this kind of hitting. The top three hitters come back and one is Freshman AA Gabe Holt (.348 and 6). The other is Josh Jung (.392 and 12 and a second team AA). Have fun, pitchers. The pitching rotation return two for certain; Caleb Kilian (9-3 and 3.24) and John McMillon (5-3 and 4.02). Both of those ERA’s are good so, for at least two games in a weekend, pitching will be stout. Thumbs up.

Mar 12 Road CSU Northridge

The Matadors were just under .500 at 28-30. They hit (.273) and pitched (4.63) which pretty much reflected that record. They had one .300 hitter and he signed a pro contract. They had one scary hitter in Albee Weiss (20 dingers) but he graduated. So who knows who steps up this coming season. It appears as if all three weekend starters return from last year and they’ll be entering their senior season. Experience counts. Thumbs sideways.

Mar 15 – 17 Home Seattle

The Red Hawks had a decent year in 2018 at 34-23. However, losing both games in the WAC Tournament did them no favors so no NCAA Tournament for them. They hit a healthy .281 with five .300 hitters and the pitching was just about average at 4.81. Top hitter Justin Mazzone (.339 and 3) comes back as a sophomore but only one other .300 hitter returns. A lot of experience disappears. The same can be said of the pitching as only Jake Prizina (8-1 and 3.82) returns but you can see he’s a good one to start with. The closer also is gone. They have lost a lot. Thumbs sideways. 

Mar 19 (4/9 ) Home/Road Loyola Marymount

I remember when the Lions had great pitching and were in the hunt for the WCC title every year. Well, not last year as they finished 25-30 and no conference tournament to save a poor year. They couldn’t hit (.255) and pitching was suspect (5.12). They had two .324 hitters and one returns in Nick Sogard (.324 and 2). Even though the pitching didn’t do very well they get three starters back with the most starts which is a good thing. Josh Agnew, Nick Frasso, and Codie Paiva all return to do it again. Thumbs down. 

Mar 25 Home Tournament (Arizona, Cal Baptist)

Let’s start with Arizona. The Wildcats were a pretty good 33-22 in 2018 which got them nothin’. Good hitting (.285) and pitching (3.95). They had five .300 hitters and three return, which ain’t bad. Cameron Cannon, Nick Quintana, and Jacob Blas are the three. Pitching? Juan Aguilera (6-1 and 3.33) and Randy Labaut (2-1 and 1.60) look to be two who will lead the rotation. Avery Weems could be in the mix, also, but I don’t know if he returns. Thumbs up.

Cal Baptist enters the first year competing at the D1 level. Last year they were 35-19 which is very good but how will that transfer to success at this level. I remember when Grand Canyon did the same thing and never lost a step. I was impressed. Will that happen again. Off had i’d say no but I’m a little more reserved this time. Again, 35-19. They hit .309 with five .300 hitters. Andrew Bash (great name for a baseball player) was the top dog at .399 and 14 and if he does that again, he’ll get votes for AA. John Glenn (.338 and 8) also returns but those are the only two that do (uh, no space wise cracks). I think they’ll be able to sort out a hitter or two from those that return. Pitching was also strong at 3.11. Andrew Bash (yep, same guy) returns as top starter at 8-2 and 2.71. He is a great two way player as he’s excellent on both sides of the ball; or is that a football reference? All other starters (including top two) either graduated or signed. Work needed at this side too. Because of that I’ll give them a thumbs down. 

Apr 2 – 3 Road Oregon State

Two games in Corvallis against the defending national champs. What could possibly go wrong? The big deal here is that the OSU coach has retired. We’ll see how that goes. The season will be just short of two months old and I think a split or two wins by the Aztecs up north would work wonders on rankings, assuming they’ve played well up to that point. They went 55-12-1 on the way to the title. Could they hit? How about .321? Could they pitch? How about 3.27? Six .300 hitters of which only two with extensive AB’s return; Matthew Gretier (.305 and 7) and Adley Rutschman (.408 and 9 – yes, you read that correctly and a first team AA).

Bryce Fehmel (10-1 and 3.19) and Grant Gambrell ( 5-1 and 4.40) return from the weekend rotation. Jake Mulholland (2-1 and 2.20 with 16 saves and a third team AA) returns as the closer. They also return Kevin Abel (8-1 and 2.88) who received a national freshman of the year award. Geez, I wonder how many AA’s they have for the coming year? Definite thumbs up.

April 12 – 14 Road Fullerton State 

Here’s a program that seems to live in tournament time at the end of the regular season. Last season they hosted, and played in, a Super Regional but didn’t make it to the promised land. They ended up a good 36-25 and hosting a super regional is always a big deal and means the selection committee thinks you might make it to that point and draw lots of fans.

Anyway, they did. Let’s get to the stats. They didn’t hit much at .269 but pitching was more than adequate at 3.43. They had two .300 hitters and both return. They are Hank LaForte (.339 and 2) and Jace Chamberlin (.309 and 1). Not a whole lot of pop on this team but it didn’t seem to matter. They had three excellent starters and only Tommy Wilson (7-0 and 2.61) returns. The other two starters and the closer went pro. Thumbs up.

May 6 Home BYU

One of the few losing records on this schedule at 22-28. Neither hitting (.274) or pitching (4.48) was horrid but they were still six games under .500. Three .300 hitters last season and Brock Hale (.342 and 8) as well as Keaton Kringlen (.313 and 1) both return. They used two starters regularly and one returns in Jordan Wood (5-4 and 2.66). Drew Zimmerman (2-3 and 2.40 with 5 saves and a Freshman AA) returns to close things out. Thumbs sideways. 

Overall, nothing bad can be said about this schedule. Texas Tech, Fullerton State, Oklahoma, and Oregon State lead the way in star power. The rest are at least recognizable as programs that will compete.


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