San Jose State Football Midseason Report

San Jose State Football Midseason Report

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San Jose State Football Midseason Report


San Jose State Football Midseason Report

How much progress have the Spartans made halfway through the season?

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Preseason expectations have changed for the Spartans as at the beginning of the season I thought the Spartans may win 2 or 3 games this year, at this point, I will take one win. The biggest surprise of the season has been how the defense has been the strength of this team rather than the offense. Going into the year I believed that the skill position players on offense would be the highlight of the team.

Instead, the defense led by the senior D-Line along with help from linebackers Jamal Scott and Ethan Aguayo has been the strength so far in the season. In addition, another small positive surprise has been the play from freshman linebacker Kyle Harmon and sophomore defensive back Tre Webb. Unfortunately, an inconsistent offense has limited the Spartans success.

Going into the season Montel Aaron was expected to lead this team but Josh Love has taken over and at times looked good and at other times the game has looked to fast for him. It is not all on Love as just last week he was knocked down multiple times as the offensive line has also been a problem.

Not to mention averaging only 1.7 yards per carry has constantly put San Jose State behind on down and distance. This gets me to my next point of the Spartans biggest disappoint so far this year.

After a good season last year Tyler Nevins was due for a productive year but unfortunately, he was carted off during the first game of the year and somewhat surprisingly returned last week.

In between this time the San Jose State’s rushing attack has been completely nonexistent as they average only 53.2 yards per game. Nevins injury has contributed to this problem but is not the sole purpose as the offensive line has not been able to push people around. In most games, this season the other team has been able to control the line of scrimmage.

When the only guarantee of a win on the schedule is against an FCS team and you end up losing that in week 1, every week after that is going to be a battle. The Spartans have looked good at times like at Oregon and against Hawaii, but they have not been able to put it together for a full game.

Last week was another example of this as San Jose State went down by 4 scores and then scored 30 points in the third quarter to eventually lose in the 4th. After a 0-5 start, I believe the expectations of this team has to be to win at least one game. Next, we will take a look at which week of the season this win may show up at:



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