Boise State Football Mid Season Report

Boise State Football Mid Season Report

Boise State

Boise State Football Mid Season Report


How will Boise State finish the season the rest of the way?

10/13 at Nevada

The Wolfpack don’t have the skill players on defense to slow down the Bronco offense. WIN

10/19 vs Colorado State

The Ram’s need another signature win for their season. This isn’t it. WIN

10/27 at Air Force

Air Force has the offense to slow down the Broncos, but their defense won’t be able to. WIN

11/2 vs BYU

If the Broncos get the BYU team that beat Wisconsin, they are in trouble. They will likely get the BYU that has been routed the past 2 weeks. WIN

11/9 vs Fresno State

Fresno State has the athletes on defense to follow the Oklahoma State/SDSU blueprint. LOSS

11/16 at New Mexico

New Mexico doesn’t have the offense to score on the Broncos or the defense to stop them. WIN

11/25 vs Utah State

The Aggies are capable of walking away with this win, but I can’t buy losing two home games in a row WIN


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