San Diego State vs. Boise State Recap: How The Aztecs Beat The Broncos, 19-13

Oct 6, 2018; Boise, ID, USA; San Diego State Aztecs wide receiver BJ Busbee (41) jumps over Boise State Broncos safety Tyreque Jones (21) during first half action at Albertsons Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego State vs. Boise State Recap: How The Aztecs Beat The Broncos, 19-13

Boise State

San Diego State vs. Boise State Recap: How The Aztecs Beat The Broncos, 19-13


San Diego State Aztecs Recap: How The Aztecs beat Boise State, 19-13.

San Diego State stuns Boise State as 14-point underdogs

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San Diego State upsets Boise State, 19-13.

San Diego State energized going up against the Mountain West-leading Boise State. It may or may not be the mystique of the blue field, but the week off looks good on the Aztecs.

San Diego State has been 4-5 off a bye week dating back to 2012 and they haven’t beaten Boise State since 2013. Tack on being a 14-point underdog going into this matchup.

The Aztecs knew what they were going up against, but they looked determined to come home with a victory.

In last year’s matchup, San Diego State got caught making mistakes, taking the game out of their hands early in the first half. The Aztecs were already down three scores by halftime with heads hung low and facemasks full of grass.

The tables were turned on Saturday afternoon. Despite being two-touchdown underdogs, the Aztecs came into the game believing they could run the table. They knew they had to shut down Brett Rypien.

The Aztecs watched film on the Oklahoma State game and compared notes to what they already excel at on defense– put pressure on the quarterback. Winning this game meant, Rypien had to be shut down. San Diego State would end up sacking Rypien four times, but it was clear that he was uncomfortable early when Aztecs cornerback Darren Hall jumped a route for an interception early handing Rypien his first interception in 2018.

San Diego State’s defense came back to life in this matchup on the Smurf Turf. Eastern Michigan continued to exploit some of the early season’s criticism of the San Diego State pass defense, but the Aztecs got up for this game. The 172 passing yards allowed by San Diego State is this season’s lowest passing yards allowed.

The sweeter stat for San Diego State: going +1 in turnovers at the half. It’s been a hammered point, but when San Diego State goes positive in the turnover they win games.

The Aztecs were up 13-6 going into halftime, but the score could have been at 21-6 were it not for some Aztecs errors like Darren Hall falling down on an pick-six., a muffed punt that gave the ball to the Broncos at the goal line, and a catch and fumble by BJ Busbee in the Broncos’ red zone.

Rypien struggled during the first half and when he was pulled for Chase Cord, the San Diego State Aztecs knew they were in the driver’s seat. Brett Rypien would platoon with Cord the rest of the game, but it’s worth noting Rypien hasn’t thrown under 200 yards since 10/14/17 against Wyoming.

The exciting thing about San Diego State is that when the defense comes alive, makes plays, gets quarterbacks uncomfortable they make everyone else look really good. Even after the half, the Aztec defense continued to be hungry for the defense and knew the magic of the blue turf will give the Broncos a second life being only down one.

By the second half, Rypien looked confused and lost, almost unsure of his own choices. It is highly questionable that the benching for Cord encouraged him to play better.

Rypien found some confidence in the fourth quarter marching down the field to bring the score to 19-13. After the Aztecs couldn’t sustain a 4-minute drive and went three-and-out, the Broncos had a shot to come back. On what would have been the go-ahead drive, Long kept his guys in Rypien’s face and forced an intentional grounding on third down. The game was over when Rypien overthrew his receiver and three Aztecs in coverage on 4th down.

Ryan Agnew is proving himself as a starter early. Christian Chapman has not won against Boise State in his time, but Agnew already has one under his belt. Even without Christian Chapman and Juwan Washington the San Diego State Aztecs got it done and found a way to win.

It’s a testament to what Rock Long has built at San Diego State. Even a burst of a 75-yard touchdown run by Jordan Byrd, makes it known that there will always be talent waiting in the wings.


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