Jordan Caroline Could Be X-Factor For Nevada's Success

Jordan Caroline Could Be X-Factor For Nevada's Success

Mountain West Basketball

Jordan Caroline Could Be X-Factor For Nevada's Success


Jordan Caroline Could Be X-Factor For Nevada’s Success

Can Caroline take the next step?

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“Nothing Sweet about Caroline”

As it’s now late-summer and Nevadan’s are trying to keep cool due to record-setting temperatures that are quite possibly due to the hype of the Wolf Pack basketball team, it still feels like the 17’-18’ season hasn’t ended.

Nevada fans have been biting their nails ever since last March when they had two double-deficit comebacks to eventually land them in the NCAA tournament’s sweet 16. Nail biting didn’t stop after the tight loss against Sister Jean & co. In fact, it got even worse.

The Pack had just finished their best season in a decade and fans were nervous, to say the least, that this “God’s gift” to Nevada basketball called the Martin Twins, maybe booking a trip to the pros a year early. Caleb and Cody didn’t make it any easier on the record-setting fanbase either, by waiting up until the final hour of the deadline to relieve them. They broke the news from North Carolina via FaceTime in front of hundreds attending a banquet that Coach Muss was speaking at. The news… they were coming home and Nevada instantly became a national contender.

Most people expected that Jordan Caroline would return, without question. After he announced, it wasn’t long after, that everyone in northern Nevada with a twitter account was hesitant to log off awaiting the decision of Jordan Brown. It was a matter of days that felt like a month. Brown commits as only Nevada’s second 5-star recruit in program history. The excruciating wait was now on for the Martin’s to voice their intended future.

Somehow this unmatchable talent named Jordan Caroline got a bit out-hyped by all of the other team-related headlines. The anticipation of the Martin’s and Jordan Brown just overtook nearly all attention and over-shadowed the return of Nevada’s undersized monster. But now that some of the excitement has died down and everyone is impatiently waiting for the season to begin, its time to give the machine his credit.

Let’s talk about the 6’7 player that leaps over 7’ opponents to pull down rebounds. The player that you thought had 8 points until you looked up at the big board box score and noticed he had 25. The player that will get his own rebound 3 times amongst the bigs and finish the 4th put back. The player that had been on the floor for 40+ minutes in the NCAA tournament against Texas and absolutely hammered a dunk in OT to will his team to victory.

The player that goes to The Pit at the University of Mexico and puts up 45 to help the Pack notch the second biggest comeback in NCAA basketball history (holds record for most points ever by an opponent at the Pit). The player we all love to watch but nobody talks about. Yeah, let’s talk about Nevada’s number 24.

I don’t know Jordan Caroline personally, but I can tell you that on the court, there is nothing sweet about this guy. He is a gritty, tireless, big man embarrassing animal, with more heart than most D1 basketball programs have on their entire roster.

I would like to assume that a lot of those tendencies and abilities come from his father, Simeon Rice, who is widely known for his NFL career. But I can just imagine his dad’s jaw-dropping while watching him from home  thinking “ok, I don’t know where he got that from.” We all wonder a lot of things, Simeon. Nevada fans are still trying to figure out how they acquired a 6’7 sophomore wing transfer from Southern Illinois that held his own and actually excelled against Mountain West bigs.


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