Boise State's "Turnover Throne" Is All The Rage

Boise State's "Turnover Throne" Is All The Rage

Boise State

Boise State's "Turnover Throne" Is All The Rage


Boise State’s “Turnover Throne” Is All The Rage

Boise State is going to the next level

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College football is full of surprises and great stories ranging from the obvious of following the College Football Playoff race, success stories from players who came back from injuries, earning scholoraships or just having good old fun during a game. Even with college football being a huge mult-million dollar business (side note: pay the players) it is still a game and fun can be had.

Boise State over the weekend introduced some more fun, and unless you were under a rock or without cell service you did not miss the “Turnover Throne.” (I was one of the unlikely ones who actually was out of internet service and missesd the hoopla over this).

It was totally worth it to see the “Turnover Throne” also named “Kings of Chaos.”

The past two years, Boise State had a turnover belt but this year they upped the ante and traveled with an actual throne.

The idea was born from cornerbacks coach  Jeff Popovich with the players and head coach Bryan Harsin approving.

“It’s not really just about the chair itself. It’s about going out and creating opportunities, which our defense did tonight,” Harsin said via the Idaho Statesman. “We had four turnovers — two that we scored on. … That doesn’t happen very often. I’m not sure it’s the chair, but the chair certainly made it more enjoyable on the sideline.”

This is what came before the throne. Both good but the throne is way better.

The reaction to this was as expected. Mostly awesome with a few wet blankets mixed in. Of course, there is a twitter account to the throne @TurnoverThrone.



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