Boise State Turns Up the Heat on Troy

Boise State Turns Up the Heat on Troy

Boise State

Boise State Turns Up the Heat on Troy



If you have been anywhere near social media or any sports broadcast you already know the biggest news for this side of the ball, the Turnover Throne. The defense made sure there were plenty of photo-ops for the throne as well. With four turnovers the Broncos kept the throne warm thought out the night with cornerback Tyler Horton ending the evening as the undisputed king as he had a hand in all but one of them.

In the first quarter, Horton interrupted a wide receiver screen deflecting the pass into the hands of former University of Idaho stand out, Tony Lashley. In the second half Kekoa Nawahine and Durant Mills each forced fumbles, both of which were returned for a touchdown by Horton.

Late in the 4th quarter Tryeque Jones forced a fumble that was recovered by Jalen Walker to be the last Bronco to Claire his spot on the throne. Throughout the game Boise State kept the pressure on Trojan quarterback Kaleb Barker, who was making his first start of his college career, sacking him five times.

Overall, the Broncos allowed 379 yards over 77 offensive plays while limiting big plays from the Troy offense until later in the game. With Boise State’s physical and fast flowing defense Troy came by nothing easily. Where ever the ball was, there was usually more than one Bronco in the area. The sure tackling unit did not miss many Trojans with DeAndre Pierce and Sonatane Lui lead the defense with 12 and 8 total tackles respectively

Special Teams

The highlight unit of the game last year had a much tougher game this year. Avery Williams was held in check with a total of 6 yards on 3 returns while having some difficulties catching the kicks.

On the second punt return of the game a defender was blocked into him, causing him to hit the ground as the ball ricocheted off of him and recovered by Troy. The following drive resulted in a touchdown for Troy. Kicker Haden Hoggarth, with his freshly awarded scholarship, connected on all eight of his point after attempts and missed on a 44 yard attempt, which would have been a career long.


Head Coach Bryan Harsin, Offensive Coordinator Zak Hill, and Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos put in their work this off season and the weeks leading to this game and it showed.

The Broncos came out firing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball. The offense established their rhythm early and didn’t slow until basin pulled back the reins and started getting the second team in. The same holds true for the defense as they kept the pressure on until late in the 4th quarter. This was a sold start to a season were there are high hopes for this Bronco team.

Looking Ahead

Up next, Boise State will host the UConn Huskies of the AAC at 8pm next Saturday at Albertsons Stadium. UConn is looking to rebound as the come off a 56-17 loss at home to 21st ranked UCF. ESPN’s Power Rankings give the Huskies a 1.3% chance of leaving Boise 1-1.

Statistics from ESPN and College Football Referance.


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