Why Hasn't Air Force Announced Its Defensive Coordinator?

Why Hasn't Air Force Announced Its Defensive Coordinator?

Air Force

Why Hasn't Air Force Announced Its Defensive Coordinator?


Why Hasn’t Air Force Announced Its Defensive Coordinator?

What are the Falcons hiding?

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Air Force has not officially had a defensive coordinator announced

Isn’t timing great.

On our Air Force preview podcast (go listen please) we talked about the Falcons not having a defensive coordinator on staff, or at least head coach Troy Calhoun has not made the announcement.

Calhoun was at the Hotel Elegante for an event hosted by the Colorado Springs Sports Corp which featured all of the states college football head coaches when the question came up about why he has not announced who will be his defensive coordinator.

His answer was peak college football head coach deflection, but at least he gave an honest answer as to why he doesn’t have to.

“I don’t know if it’s necessarily a delay,” Calhoun said via the Colorado Springs Gazette. “I’ve yet to see a law or an edict that says that you must.

“We’ll see as we head down the road here. I think the key is I want to make sure fundamentally we are much, much better in terms of open-field tackling, getting off blocks and the clarity of what we’re doing defensively with our scheme.”

We could insert the joke about college football coaches thinking they are holding the codes to government secrets, but this the Air Force Academy.

However, it is still valid because this is just a game of college football where gamesmanship is taken way, way, way too seriously.

Air Force has been without a defensive coordinator since Steve Russ left in January for an NFL job with the Carolina Panthers.

When looking at the official Air Force website there was one minor change with defensive line coach Tim Cross also bearing the name as an assistant head coach. He is the only one on staff with two titles. So, maybe it is him, or the sexy answer is that Calhoun will keep this a secret until fall camp opens up.

The Colorado Springs Gazette even tried to do an open record request to find out who the defensive coordinator is but that was denied.

To get some excitement maybe Air Force should do some WWE style announcement or something to make the grand unveiling of who its defensive coordinator will be.

Regardless of who is running the defense they will have a lot of work to do to make this unit servicable.


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