List Of MWC Freshmen Who May Shine In 2019

Jordan Jackson is the other outstanding Jackson for Nevada - credit Nevada Athletics

List Of MWC Freshmen Who May Shine In 2019

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List Of MWC Freshmen Who May Shine In 2019


Frosh Baseball In The Mountain West

The Freshmen AA have been announced so we all know about them (see previous post) but there are a few on the teams that didn’t get much recognition. So, I thought I’d do that and here’s my list. Some of you will scream “How did HE make your list?”. I’ll defend the list by saying that the following players did show some promise and a little success in a fair amount of innings pitched or at bats. I’m looking to the future here, folks.

Sam Olsson, C, San Jose State

He hit .239 in 46 ABs. I’ve heard he can also play the outfield so he’s versatile. Things I say about kids like Sam can be pretty much said for the rest of the list. That’s an aside. 46 ABs for a freshman that really didn’t play THAT much is pretty significant. He’ll get more of a chance to start somewhere in 2019.

Ruben Ibarra, 1B, San Jose State

Ruben hit .245 and 1 in 49 ABs. He came to SJ with the rep as a HR hitter but didn’t get a lot of ABs to prove it. Then again, I think where he played HS didn’t have the pitching he faced at the D1 level. A summer of wood bat league play should give him needed experience. He also needs to slim down a bit as he’s 6’5” and 285. Power at SJ is a rarity.

Santiago Cantu, 3B, San Jose State

He hit .180 and 1 in 61 ABs. Not much of a batting average but the 61 ABs shows the coaches like his promise. 

Wesley Clawson, LHP, San Jose State

1-1 and 4.71 in 19 appearances out of the pen. He had 34 Ks in 28 IP which is impressive. He could be something special next year. 

Nicholas Morales, RHP, San Jose State

He was 1-4 and 8.50 in 13 appearances with 6 starts. A lot of the starts were earlier in the year and he didn’t have a lot of success. He had 36 IP with 29 Ks but also 26 walks. He needs work.

Matt Rudick, OF, San Diego State

He hit .319 in his first year and was a full time player. I was a little surprised he didn’t make any freshman AA lists as he certainly made mine. We’ll see how much he improves.

Casey O’Sullivan, RHP, San Diego State

Another achiever for the Aztecs as he was 1-0 and 2.84 in 19 appearances and 25 IP. He struck out a tad over 1 an inning so he’s certainly a keeper. No starts so I don’t know what the future holds for him.

Daniel Ritcheson, RHP, San Diego State

Ended up the 2018 season at 2-1 and 6.04 in 25 IP. He had 11 appearances and 2 starts and had 23 Ks in those innings. The two starts suggest a possible rotational role. Why did I include Daniel? The 25 IP told me something and so did the 23 Ks. Coach liked him and hitters didn’t.

Christian Winston, LHP, San Diego State

He was 1-0 and 1.76 in 14 appearances out of the pen. Good ERA in 15 IP (just enough to make my list) but not a strike out pitcher. Still, he got guys out.

Jordan Jackson, RHP, Nevada

He was 3-1 and 4.10 with 20 appearances out of the pen. He had 28 Ks in 26 IP which is good and teams hit only .161 against him. That’ll catch scouts’ eyes. 

Tyler Bosetti, INF, Nevada

Tyler showed he belonged as he hit .271 and 1 in 85 ABs which is not too far away from full time. Next year? Probably full time. 

JT Arruda, INF, Fresno State

Burst on the scene and hit a great .305 and 8 in full time duty. He was second on the team in ABs with 210. Probably will get looks at AA status next year if he can continue with the power.


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