All Draftees Signed But One

Aztecs David Hensley is sole holdout in draft - credit SDSU Athletics

All Draftees Signed But One

Fresno State

All Draftees Signed But One


MWC Players Drafted and Signed 

Easy enough to figure out; read on. This list is as of 6/21.

Kyle Isbel                 UNLV  JR             signed

Edgar Gonzalez        Fresno State  JR    signed

Jeremiah Burks        Fresno State JR     signed

Alan Strong             UNLV  SR             signed

Christian Tripp        New Mexico  JR   signed

Nick Ames              UNLV  JR             signed

Dean Nevarez         SDSU  JR              signed

Nick Rodriguez      UNLV  SR             signed

Jordan Verdon        SDSU  JR              signed

Bryan Menendez    UNLV  SR            signed

Garrett Hill             SDSU  JR             signed

Korby Batesole      Fresno State SR    signed

David Hensley       SDSU  SR            UNSIGNED

Chase Calabuig     SDSU  SR             signed

Trevor Horn          UNLV  JR             signed

I must say that I’m surprised. I’m hoping I was reading the list properly. One unsigned? I thought the juniors in lower rounds would/might return. Seniors have no eligibility left so their bonus is small (go see for yourself). Trevor Horn and Garrett Hill are the biggest surprises. Hill is co-POY and got a fair bonus but, still. OK, we’re done here.



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