List Of MLB Draftees Is Small For The Mountain West

UNLV's Kyle Isbel is MWC top pick in draft - photo credit Alex Swanson

List Of MLB Draftees Is Small For The Mountain West

Fresno State

List Of MLB Draftees Is Small For The Mountain West


Mountain West Shows Low Number Drafted In MLB Draft

Fifteen players from the MWC were drafted with Kyle Isbel, Edgar Gonzalez, Jeremiah Burks, and Alan Strong going in the top ten rounds. You’ve heard what I’ve said in the past; if you’re a junior and drafted below the tenth round, go back and have a killer year to improve your stock. Just remember that last year tenth round picks that signed received, on average, a 5,000 to 10,000 dollar bonus. Sixth round picks received about 250,000 bucks or so. Quite a difference. 

The list below has nine juniors and six seniors. The seniors are gone anyway so they don’t enter this discussion. Those that are juniors have decisions to make. I feel that Isbel, Gonzalez, and Burks are gone. That leaves Tripp, Ames, Nevarez, Verdon, Hill, and Horn. I’m not the one that needs to make the decision. I’d advise them all to return.

San Jose State fans as well as those from Nevada are probably a bit surprised and pleased knowing the valuable juniors that didn’t get drafted will probably return for another year. Then again, there is always free agency which is likely with the Spartans Andrew Mitchel. 

Recruits? More on them in future posts. I’ll keep y’all updated on signings which could happen anytime now for any as season is done for all in the Mountain West. Boy, the MWC needs an influx of talent. 

Kyle Isbel UNLV 3 94 JR

Edgar Gonzalez Fresno State 6 183 JR

Jeremiah Burks Fresno State 8 225 JR

Alan Strong UNLV 10 300 SR

Christian Tripp New Mexico 13 380 JR

Nick Ames UNLV 15 435 JR

Dean Nevarez SDSU 19 568 JR

Nick Rodriguez UNLV 22 658 SR

Jordan Verdon SDSU 23 675 JR

Bryan Menendez UNLV 24 729 SR

Garrett Hill SDSU 26 765 JR

Korby Batesole Fresno State 26 790 SR

David Hensley SDSU 26 792 SR

Chase Calabuig SDSU 27 803 SR

Trevor Horn UNLV 39 1156 JR


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