The Lineup For The Super Regionals

Stetson's Logan Gilbert leading the way to Omaha - photo credit Steve Simoneau

The Lineup For The Super Regionals

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The Lineup For The Super Regionals


Super Regionals Are Set

When last I wrote a few regionals were still in doubt due to weather delays or whatever. They have been decided with a pleasant surprise for me anyway. Tennessee Tech moves on after beating Ole Miss twice (twice!). That’s pretty cool. Duke eliminated Georgia so the ACC can put another notch in their gun. Mississippi State eliminated Oklahoma and I’m sure that pleases Will Clark. South Carolina ousted North Carolina – Wilmington, which is too bad in my book. Finally, Florida beat Florida Atlantic as they split two games but Florida won the critical deciding game. 

Here is the lineup for games of June 8 and 9:

Minnesota at Oregon State

Stetson at North Carolina

Washington at Fullerton State

Mississippi State at Vanderbilt

Auburn at Florida

Duke at Texas Tech

South Carolina at Arkansas

Tennessee Tech at Texas

A final comment about the final two Davids (not forgetting Fullerton’s Titans) among all the Goliaths. Tennessee Tech is no slouch as they are 52-10 and Stetson is 48-11. The fight is not over as these two teams must play their best games to go to Omaha. Do you know their mascots? The Stetson Hatters (ha, go figure) and the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles. Also, Stetson has a first round pick in the MLB draft in junior RHP Logan Gilbert. It does take talent to get this far.


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