Oregon State Overview

Oregon State Overview

San Diego State

Oregon State Overview

Oregon State Overview

I’ve been a little bit under the weather and that’s my excuse. This post and the following are not timely at all but I figured that you might want to see what I’ve written about the teams involved. Read on.

There’s a lot that can be said about the Beavers. They ended the regular season the undisputed #1 team in the nation with a 44-10-1 record. This happened last year also and they never made it to the promised land. I think they will be an incentive laden team and may not get bumped this year. So, what’s to like?

The Beavers have six .300 hitters with Nick Madrigal (JR) at .395 and 2 and Adley Rutschman (SO) at .391 and 6 the top two. They have a fair amount of pop throughout the lineup but that isn’t the strength of this team. Pitching is. The team ERA is a pretty good 3.43 but they have two stars on the staff that should end up drafted. Luke Heimlich (SR) was 14-1 and 2.49 with 139 Ks in 104 IP. A premier arm that may be overlooked in the draft for reasons that have been dealt with elsewhere. I’d like to see the Giants take him with their first pick. The other name is. Jake Mulholland (SO) who was 1-2 and 2.50 and had 33 Ks in 36 IP. Why him? Well, he had 14 saves in 25 appearances, that’s why; a closer par excellence. He’ll be eligible for the draft next year.  The two other starters are Bryce Fehmel (JR 9-1 and 2.81 with 15 starts) and Grant Gambrell (SO 5-1 and 4.40 in 12 starts). They have three others with at least 3 starts which shows depth. 

So, again, why are they so good? Talent, folks, talent. They have six (6!) All Americans off this team; Heimlich, Mulholland, Rutschman, and Madrigal are mentioned above. Also making one list or another are juniors Caden Grenier (.335 and 4) and Trevor Larnach (.327 and 17). Yes, they are loaded.


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