Northwestern State Demons Analyzed

Northwestern State Demons Analyzed

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Northwestern State Demons Analyzed


Northwestern State Demons

Louisiana plays a lot of decent to good D1 baseball and the Demons are one. The school is located in Natchitoches, Louisiana and, let me tell you, I was set straight a number of years ago by a guy from that town and how the name should be pronounced. It ain’t just like it looks and all states have town names that tell locals “y’all ain’t from around here, are ya?” Enough of this.

The Demons, as the number 4 seed in the Corvallis Regional get to take on the host school Oregon State which will be one heck of a load for them. Hey, try and beat the best and then move on. The team is a member of the Southland Conference and was 37-22 overall and third in the conference at 18-12. They got this bid by winning the conference tournament. 

The team has ok hitting at .271 led by AA David Fry (.336 and 12) followed by Kwan Adkins (.323 and 2) and those two are the only .300 hitters on the team. Pitching is good at 3.33. The starters are led by Jerry Maddox (7-3 and 2.03 in 80 IP in 14 starts), Ridge Heisler (7-2 and 3.01 with 15 starts and 89 IP), and Nathan Jones (4-6 and 3.71 in 97 IP and 15 starts). Both Jones and Heisler average about a K an inning. 

The Demons are pleased to be in Corvallis but they will be hard-pressed to take out the Beavers in their first game of the tournament. Good luck!


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