Josh Allen To Be Day 1 Starter For Buffalo Bills?

Josh Allen To Be Day 1 Starter For Buffalo Bills?

Josh Allen

Josh Allen To Be Day 1 Starter For Buffalo Bills?


Josh Allen To Be Day 1 Starter For Buffalo Bills?

General Manager Brandon Beane weighs in on Allen

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Should Allen start right away for the Bills?

Being a first-round quarterback carries a lot of responsibility and the not-so-patient of the NFL that could mean that Josh Allen going No. 7 overall could mean he will start sooner than later. Adding to a potential rush is that Buffalo traded up to get him on Day 1.

The Buffalo Bills traded Tyrod Taylor, last year’s starter, to the Cleveland Browns this offseason. Nathan Peterman started last year as rookie in the now infamous game where he threw five interceptions. The Bills did pick up A.J. McCarron this offseason to likely be their starting quarterback for the short term, but how short?

There is also pressure with Carson Wentz and Jared Goff turning into very good quarterbacks in a short time, and that could have the Bills push Allen out there sooner than later.

General Manager Brandon Beane said all the right things about Allen being a starter now, or later.

“We’re not going to rush him, but you know if he somehow wins the job, he wins it,” Beane said, via “There’s other players out there. There will be 52 other players out there and if they see that he’s clearly the best, I don’t think we could do that. We wouldn’t do that at any other position, so we’ll let it go. But he’s got a lot of catching up to do, that’s the thing.”

Even if Allen were to out play all of the other quarterbacks on the roster it would still be risky to start a rookie Day 1.

As have been noted from a lot of draftnicks, and Allen himself there are things he needs to work on before becoming a starter in the NFL.

“I definitely look back at my film and when I did miss, it was large in part due to my feet,” Allen said. “Making sure that I’m consistently setting my feet right, throwing on time, short stride, and when I do those things, I’ve seen a lot of results.”

Going back to the Senior Bowl and the Pro bowl, not the Pro bowl, Senior Bowl and the Combine, Pro Bowl is yet to come, I did see some results in that with Jordan Palmer. I’m going to continue to do that, continue to work on it, and continue to trust that process.”

Maybe with the right coach in Buffalo, Allen can get his foot work to the level it needs to be to fulfill the potential that the Bills have in him by giving up picks to move into the top 10 and take Allen.


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