MWC RPIs And The Implications

MWC RPIs And The Implications

Mountain West Baseball

MWC RPIs And The Implications


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Baseball RPIs For The Mountain West

As of April 15 here’s what I found. Not bad considering how little respect the MWC gets in most sports. The top two look to possibly get a bid for the big tournament but don’t count on it. The Mountain West is not the only mid-major that gets dissed when it comes to choosing who goes. As it stands right now, Fresno State doesn’t stand a chance. But, say they win the MWC tournament which is a very good possibility.

They get the automatic bid and the regular season champ (Nevada) may or may not get a bid. I still have emotional scars from a few years back when SJS won the regular season title but lost in the conference tournament and received nothing for those efforts. The numbers below say at least two should go but conference tournaments always seem to make it easier for the committee to choose a non-deserving SEC team to go instead.

Hmm, I’m getting pissed as I write this. To make a long story longer, it’s time to quit the season-ending tournament. It’s not making money and is costing schools. This ain’t the SEC where thousands show up at all the games. The MWC has a lot to prove and still has troubles doing it. Win those OOC games. They are a big deal. You’ll never get the LSUs of the world to come to your place so go there and win. That’s asking a lot and is probably a little more than unfair on my part. Geez, it’s getting to be a dim memory of the days when SJS was good. I mean GOOD.

You can find the numbers I used here:

Nevada 46



Air Force 103

Fresno State 149

New Mexico 172

SJSU 175


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