UAB Rips Off Colorado State?

UAB Rips Off Colorado State?

Colorado State

UAB Rips Off Colorado State?


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UAB Caused Some Confusion With Their Stadium Renderings

UAB used CSU Stadium renderings to promote their own stadium

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CSU Moved To Birmingham?

The University of Alabama-Birmingham caused of bit of confusion Wednesday. UAB is set to complete construction on a downtown Birmingham stadium by 2021. They decided to celebrate by making a twitter post about it.

UAB’s tweet contained a CSU stadium rendering against the downtown Birmingham skyline. They went into some small details too. The removed the CSU from the CSU Alumni Center. The replaced all of the CSU logos with UAB logos, on the flags and jumbotron. But they did miss one. If you look near the bottom right corner of the UAB image, you’ll see that they forgot to remove the RAMS letters from the bricks.

Colorado State and UAB both hired the same architecture firm, Populous. This gave UAB the access to CSU’s digital renderings of their stadium. Ted Feeley, UAB’s associate athletics director for communication, said the following when told of the mistake: “The UAB football account was not aware those renderings were CSU’s when it was provided by our graphics team. That is why it was a taken down. Purely a mistake.”

The funny thing is, is that UAB released actual architectural renderings yesterday:

The internet had some fun with the situation and produced the following images:



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