Josh Allen Is Moving Up Mock Draft Boards

Josh Allen Is Moving Up Mock Draft Boards

Josh Allen

Josh Allen Is Moving Up Mock Draft Boards


Josh Allen Is Moving Up Mock Draft Boards

Where is Allen placed in mock drafts this week?

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Allen still looks to be one of the first QB’s to be taken off the board.

Quarterbacks begin the on-field portion of the NFL Combine on Saturday and Wyoming QB Josh Allen has been slowly moving his way up mock drafts. In this down period between the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine, the raw potential and highlight reels of prospects bring hope that the right coaching can bring out the best in any player. A player like Allen has shown glimpses of incredible, perhaps the right team or system is really all he needs.

Allen’s current draft projections (2/24): 6th to the New York Jets

CBS Sports (2/25): 1st to Cleveland Browns

                  15th to Arizona Cardinals

                  2nd to New York Giants

SBNATION (2/19): 14th to the Buffalo Bills via Trade

Bleacher Report (2/24): 21th to the Buffalo Bills

ESPN Mel Kiper (2/21): 1st to the Cleveland Browns

ESPN Todd McShay (2/6): 6th to the New York Jets

Josh Allen has a lot of bad plays on tape. He also has a lot of highlights that NFL talent personnel will believe they can make the norm rather than the exception. It is easy to see why talent evaluators are shooting him up the charts.

Most prognosticators have Allen going in the top 10. Allen is scheduled to throw at the NFL Combine this weekend, expect major changes to mock drafts then.

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