VIDEO: Josh Allen Shows Off Arm Strength

VIDEO: Josh Allen Shows Off Arm Strength

Josh Allen

VIDEO: Josh Allen Shows Off Arm Strength


Josh Allen Shows Off Arm Strong

Watch this deep ball which goes through the uprights.

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40 yards out and off the crossbar.

We all know former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen has a strong arm because that is what the rage was about Allen while at the Senior Bowl a few weeks ago.

He is out training in California and I guess to blow off some steam or some different style of training or test to see how strong his arm really is. Allen impresses by chucking the ball 40 yards and gets a loud doink by striking the crossbar.

This is a familiar drill done by other past quarterbacks as they prep for the NFL Draft like JaMarcus Russell and Daunte Culpepper, both are strong-arm former quarterbacks.

Well… here it is.

A joke I wish I could give credit to the proper person and that is this throw was supposed to be a five-yard out.

/Rim shot.


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