Colorado State Basketball: Jase Herl To Coach Through MW Tournament

Colorado State Basketball: Jase Herl To Coach Through MW Tournament


Colorado State Basketball: Jase Herl To Coach Through MW Tournament

Interim Coach Jase Herl To Remain Coach For Rest Of The Season

The CSU Rams will have some semblance of balance for the rest of the season

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Jase Herl to remain in charge for rest of the year

The Colorado State Rams have had a rough year. They haven’t been as competitive as they have wanted and they are dealing with a tumultuous coaching situation. First, Larry Eustachy was suspended with pay while the athletic department completed a climate assessment. Then, interim coach Steve Barnes was also suspended. Barnes was said to be Eustachy’s right hand man and did a lot of the same things that got Eustachy suspended.

The Rams got a little reprieve from the constant change when assistant coach Jase Herl was given the reins. The players have said that they like the way he handles himself and that he makes practice fun again for them. The players seemed more relaxed and enjoying the game more. The media also likes how Herl handles practice, as he has opened up a portion of practice for the media. This is something Larry only allowed for the first practice of the year.

Now, according to Kyle Fredrickson of the Denver Post, Herl has been told he will be in charge through the completion of the Mountain West tournament. This is a good thing for the Rams. They know they won’t have to deal with any more change for the rest of the year and can relax and play their game.

The results of CSU’s climate assessment are still unknown at this time. Joe Parker said he was waiting to meet with Larry Eustachy and his representation before completing this assessment. That was a couple weeks ago. This could go on for a couple more weeks as the final details are worked out between CSU and Eustachy.

In the mean time, the Rams players at least have some since of calm driving them the rest of the season. How the rest of the season turns out is anyone’s guess.


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