Bob Davie 30-Day Suspension Upheld

Bob Davie 30-Day Suspension Upheld

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Bob Davie 30-Day Suspension Upheld


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Bob Davie 30-Day Suspension Upheld

Defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove will be acting head coach

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A decision has been made for Davie

Bob Davie’s 30-day unpaid suspension has been upheld and he will begin this Saturday and run through March 18, athletics director Eddie Nunez announced. Filling in for Davie during the next month wil be Lobos defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove.

This sidelines Davie through most of spring football but it probably will not impact the team all that much as he is more of a CEO coach. Davie does not have a lot to do with game planning hte offense, defense and there is no specific position he coaches.

Even with a new offensive coordinator in Calvin Magee who came over from Arizona to build a new offense there will not be much missed with Davie not being on campus or coaching.

Here is the full statement from Nunez:

When I came to UNM I knew I would be inheriting a review and recommendations related to concerns within the Lobo football program.  I said then, and have repeated on various occasions, that I would willingly accept both.  My intention, regardless of the findings, was to make the UNM Athletic Department second to none when it comes to standards, character, and values.

I told Coach Davie and Lobo players that I have no way of knowing what happened in the past.  I cannot address what anyone said or did, other than what I read in the reports and what I have heard from Coach Davie.  However, I told them it is now undeniable that there currently exists a public perception that our football program needs to be honestly evaluated.  Attitudes or a culture that permits racial, gender, religious, or any other form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying, will not be acceptable in this department, period.

 Many institutions in America are being asked to take stock of their attitudes and culture.  An unwillingness to do so, and make changes when necessary, would be foolish and counter-productive.  Not assuming responsibility and accountability to correct errors, or even misconceptions, is not an option.

 Yesterday, I notified Coach Davie that Saturday, February 17, he would begin a 30-day consecutive unpaid suspension from coaching the UNM football program.  We also discussed how we must work together to improve our culture within the athletic department and throughout the UNM campus.  I told Coach Davie and players that we have an obligation to begin rewriting our own public perception, beginning today.

 After meeting with our coaches last night, I have chosen to name Kevin Cosgrove to serve as acting head coach during this time.  I am confident that Coach Cosgrove and the coaching staff will fully support our student-athletes and maintain continuity within the football program.

 I expect every coach, staff member, and student-athlete at UNM to behave respectably and respectfully, on and off the playing field. If we cannot change every element of our history, we can certainly demand higher standards and values moving forward.  We intend to work with every student-athlete and every member of the Lobo family so that they can expect life on campus to be inclusive, secure, and supportive.  We hold of equal value the goal of building champions and building leaders.


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