2018 NFL Draft: Should Josh Allen Go No. 1?

2018 NFL Draft: Should Josh Allen Go No. 1?

Josh Allen

2018 NFL Draft: Should Josh Allen Go No. 1?

2018 NFL Draft: Will Josh Allen Go No. 1?

Were will the former Cowboy QB go?

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Josh Allen is getting more publicity after the Senior Bowl.

In ESPN Mel Kiper’s Mock Draft 1.0, he has the Cleveland Browns snatching Allen off the board with the first overall pick. The Mountain West Wire has already reported that one sportsbook posted odds with Allen as the favorite to go first overall. Could two beautiful touchdown passes in a college football all-star games actually sway the scouts? Unlikely.

Allen had a rough first day at Senior Bowl practices but performed better each day. The game was much of the same with Allen struggling in the first half before turning it on in the second half. How much can really be taken out of three practices and two quarters of action in an exhibition game? Not much.

Josh Allen has the size and arm talent to go 1st overall and as more people start to see him throw, more will be enamored with the potential he will have in the NFL. Even the experts with NFL sources are not sure where Allen will fall; he is certainly an intriguing prospect.

Perusing through social media is fascinating when reading about Josh. Allen supporters will point to his two scoring plays where he demonstrated his ability to finesse a ball to a receiver, detractors will mention that he was only 9 of 13 and missed a deep ball in the first half that he should have connected on or that he looked overwhelmed in his first few series of the game. Do his occasional struggles with accuracy outweigh his ability to throw for a score on any play in the NFL? We don’t know yet.

Is Josh Allen the top prospect in the draft? Who knows. Will Josh Allen be selected in the first round? Probably. Can Josh Allen be drafted 1st overall? Absolutely.

Allen’s current draft projections

Walterfootball.com (1/25): 6th to the New York Jets

CBS Sports  (1/25): 22nd to the Buffalo Bills

SBNATION (1/29): 15th to the Arizona Cardinals

Bleacher Report (1/29): 15th to the Arizona Cardinals

ESPN Mel Kiper (1/18): 1st to the Cleveland Browns

I have seen Allen going anywhere from 1st overall to barely making the first round. The Senior Bowl did little to clarify any of the questions about this year’s quarterback class. Quarterbacks will participate in the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine on Saturday, March 3. Most people expect Allen to be a combine superstar and he will likely soar up many post-combine draft boards.

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