Get Your "Stats Are For Losers" T-Shirt

Get Your "Stats Are For Losers" T-Shirt

Josh Allen

Get Your "Stats Are For Losers" T-Shirt


Get Your “Stats Are For Losers” T-Shirt

This is what all Wyoming fans should have

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Josh Allen and Mel Kiper will be proud

Our run at a second t-shirt is finally here from BreakingT! The first shirt declared Boise State national title champions, which you can still purchase.

This next shirt is inspired by ESPN’s Mel Kiper, Jr. and ESPN’s Josh Allen as the two both said “stats are for losers.” Kiper said it when referring to Allen as the top overall pick in his latest mock draft, and Allen said it when speaking with a Cleveland radio show.

If you want to sport your Wyoming/Josh Allen shirt you can grab it right here and let people you don’t care what others say about Allen because he will be a high draft pick and is the best quarterback ever to go to Wyoming.


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