Air Force Lineup Revisited

Biancalana will get important innings this year - Credit Bill Evans Air Force Athletics

Air Force Lineup Revisited

Air Force

Air Force Lineup Revisited

Air Force Lineup Addendum

Coach sent me his comments after I had already posted mine so here are his likely starters along with comments from me.

C – Dau – As I had it

1B – Ready – As I had it

2B – Colby Brown (JR) – Military school transfer and did not play in 2017

SS – Zabojnik – As I had it

3B – Jacob Booker (SR)- This will prove to be a test as he had one AB last year

OF – Wiss – All three outfielders are the same as I guessed

OF – Jones

OF – Easley

DH – Gabe Martinez (JR) – had 4 AB’s in 2017/ Michael Kolesar (FR)
SP – Tyler Mortenson (JR) – 2-3 and 5.04 with 1 start and 30 IP

SP – Hargreaves – As I had it

SP – John Byrnes (FR) – A Georgia boy with many state level accolades

RP – Holloway – As I had it

I’ll make this quick. As I said in my previous post, they should have no trouble scoring runs but the pitching will be the question mark. Isn’t it always that question at all levels?


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