UNLV Attempts To Leave MWC Cellar With Revamped Pitching Staff

Kyle Isbel is one three returning starters to lineup credit UNLV Athletics

UNLV Attempts To Leave MWC Cellar With Revamped Pitching Staff

Mountain West Baseball

UNLV Attempts To Leave MWC Cellar With Revamped Pitching Staff


UNLV Baseball Projected Lineup for 2018

Bozar’s Beliefs:

C – Vince Taormina (JR) – .254

1B – Nick Ames (JR) – .311 and 11

2B – ?

SS – Bryson Stott (SO) – .294 and 1 and Freshman of the Year in the MWC

3B – ?

OF -?

OF – Kyle Isbel (JR) – .290 and 6 and former freshman AA

OF – ?

DH – ?

SP – Paul Richy (JR) – 4-4 and 6.06

SP – Garrett Poole (SR) – 3-7 and 6.20 with 14 starts

SP – Alan Strong (SR) – 5-5 and 6.47 with 14 starts and 70 K’s in 72 IP

RP – Bryan Menendez (SR) – 2-2 and 3.99 with 33 K’s in 29 IP and 5 saves

Coach’s Comments:

C – as above but sharing with Seth Mullis (JR) – JUCO transfer

1B – as above

2B – Nick Rodriguez (SR) – .269 and 2

SS – as above

3B – Dillon Johnson (JR) – JUCO transfer or Jacob Rogers (FR)

OF – as above

OF – Max Smith (JR) – .204 and 1

OF – Austin Anderson (SR) – .265 or Grant Robbins (SO) – redshirt

DH – Jack Wold (FR)

SP – Larry Quaney (JR) – 1-3 and 5.40 with 9 starts

SP – a lot of arms looking to fill the two other starting spots

SP –  “

RP – as above or Alan Strong (I list as a starter above)

So here’s what I think when you follow or coach a last place team in an average league. No one comes back with a guaranteed position. We were last place with you, we’ll do what we need to do to improve our lot.  That is used in the pros when they unload a big star for a bunch of prospects and work for the future. Not so much in the college ranks. But, a little. In my estimation they have three guaranteed starters in Ames, Scott, and Isbel. I had problems figuring out three positions and the pitching hurts. How have the newbies worked out? Let’s see what coach says.

So here’s what coach says. Pitching is still in question after a bad year on the mound. He listed Quaney for certain but then said there’s a lot of competition for the other two spots in the rotation. The arms he chooses have to deliver or it will be another long year. The lineup on the field is very inexperienced with two transfers and two frosh possibly starting. Other than those guys he’s going with some expertence with only Nick Rodriguez with a lot of AB’s. Again, a lot of guys have to come through with only Isbel, Stott, and Ames showing any savvy out there. Good luck coach.


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