2018 Senior Bowl: What Is Being Said About Josh Allen

2018 Senior Bowl: What Is Being Said About Josh Allen

Josh Allen

2018 Senior Bowl: What Is Being Said About Josh Allen


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2018 Senior Bowl: What Is Being Said About Josh Allen

A lot of takes on Josh Allen

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Josh Allen at the Senior Bowl.

The first day of Senior Bowl practices are in the books and Josh Allen was talked about a lot on the field. There were some who loved Allen and others who did not.

Here is all the info you need to know about Allen from Mobile.

NFLMocks.com on Allen:

He looked fearless throwing the football in Mobile, but what I noticed about Allen is that he’s so used to trying to fit the ball into tight windows (or having to fit the ball into tight windows) that he didn’t seem sure when to take something off of his throws.

On one particular play, moving to his left, Allen made an awesome throw to the sideline deep down the left side of the field look easy. It’s that type of throw that has NFL scouts and coaches thinking they can mold this kid into a star quickly.

Optimum Scouting’s Eric Galko:

-With plenty of buzz around the other signal-callers, the biggest name in Mobile struggled out of the gate. Josh Allen continued to display trouble consistently hitting his target and had some bad misses on layups throws in one on ones. While he continues to display tremendous arm strength, he missed too many easy throws, both vs. pressure and without pressure, on Day 1 and will need to have a strong showing the rest of the week if he wants to solidify himself as a top 10 pick.

NDT Scouting’s Benjamn Solak:

Let’s start with Josh Allen (how could we not?). Allen was wildly inconsistent–I mean wildly–in the most unsurprising development of the Senior Bowl. For every throw he hit on the money, he missed another in the dirt or in the sky, with a solid amount of decent throws in between. We’re talking “I’m trying to throw the ball back to the quarterbacks coach and I sail it over his head bad.” We’re talking “I’m gonna rocket this 15-yard out right between the numbers into the wind” good.

The newest episode in what must be Season 5 of Josh Allen Nonsense is “A lot of WRs are dropping his passes because they’re not used to his velocity.” Okay, one: I’m live on site, and it’s not like there’s smoke coming off the dang pigskin when he slings it. He can really throw it fast, yes–but its not so otherworldly that we have to talk about his velocity every second of every day. Two: I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a one-speed pitcher as my QB. Throwing with touch is necessary, and Allen needs to learn how to work touch into situations in which high-velocity throws are disadvantageous. Third: who cares about drops?! Nobody’s keeping stats (which are for losers) during these practices! Allen needs more consistent accuracy. Period.



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