SJSU Baseball Coach Put On Administrative Leave

SJSU Baseball Coach Put On Administrative Leave

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SJSU Baseball Coach Put On Administrative Leave


Head Baseball Coach At San Jose State Placed On Administrative Leave

This is all very mysterious and I don’t really know how much is true. I read a post on a Spartans bulletin board that Coach Hawkins had been placed on paid administrative leave. That was on December 22 and I have heard no mention of NCAA involvement let alone a press release by SJS.

If true, this places the baseball program in a heck of a bind as the season starts in six weeks and the final roster has not been announced. In addition, pitching coach Dean Stiles has left for another position. I want to say that this is not a surprise to Spartans fans; it’s a horrible surprise.

What has happened to the three major men’s sports at SJS? Football is arguably the worst team in college ball. Basketball got gut-punched when the best player on the team left for “greener pastures” after the head coach got replaced. And now this.

I’m hoping everything I’m typing here is not true but I have a dim view of SJS athletics and that’s coming from a fan that’s been following these sports since I attended after getting out of the Army in 1970. The future looks bleak.


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