Boise State Names Baseball Coach - First Game In 2020

credit to Boise State Athletics Gary Van Tol at BSU press conference

Boise State Names Baseball Coach - First Game In 2020

Boise State

Boise State Names Baseball Coach - First Game In 2020


Boise State Names Head Baseball Coach

Pretty weird right? Naming a coach for a program that has no team. Well, that will give him time to get his assistants signed up as well as oversee the construction of the field AND recruiting.

I’ll start with Gary Van Tol’s experience. Look at his picture. He certainly looks the part. So does his experience. He’s coached in the pros with the Cubs minor leagues for the last ten years. He’s coached at the community college level at Centralia CC so he knows how that works. Finally, he’s coached at the D1 level as an assistant at Gonzaga and Portland. In my estimation that’s all good stuff as he knows baseball at many levels. That all adds up to 27 years of experience. That’ll do.

Even more important are his ties to the Boise community as he worked with the short season Boise Hawks. He knows the Northwest. I think he’ll do just fine.

The MWC should be smiling at this time as baseball has too few teams and getting enough games in for a conference season has been a problem. The additional team will help but I’d certainly like to see Wyoming field a team as they have facilities just sitting there waiting for a team to use them. If Colorado State fielded a team, I would be very happy as then I could see D1 ball again. I certainly miss it since moving out here (Loveland, CO) from San Jose. I know, all three of these teams would be snow belt teams but I think it can be done. It’s just about the money as baseball doesn’t generate much unless you’re in the SEC. Don’t get me started.

Boise State? Welcome back to baseball.


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