San Jose State Lost 10th Straight Game, Brent Brennan Dishes On Upcoming Senior Day

San Jose State Lost 10th Straight Game, Brent Brennan Dishes On Upcoming Senior Day

Mountain West Football

San Jose State Lost 10th Straight Game, Brent Brennan Dishes On Upcoming Senior Day


San Jose State Lost 10th Straight Game, Brent Brennan Dishes On Upcoming Senior Day

Spartans get ready for Senior Day

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There are three Mountain West games this week, who is our staff taking?

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The Spartans have lost 10 games in a row and 11 of their last 12. They’re 0-3 in November overall. The few thousand people who stuck around until the games were over—maybe half of them cheering for San Jose State—did provide a lively atmosphere, but it wasn’t enough for the Spartans to end their infamous losing streak.

Here are the five questions that I asked Brennan.

1. What do you think the team needs to do this week to be consistent on offense? After all, San Jose State scored first in its last two games and didn’t score again until the fourth quarter.

I think we just need to be more consistent across the board. I look at that game and there was so many missed opportunities. Just offensively, we had a couple of vertical throws down the field. The receiver was kind of fighting through the contact. We just need to be better in anticipating that contact and running through it for a chance to make some big plays down the field. I think we definitely need to run the ball a little more than we did last week. We had a big run from Malik (Roberson) late in the game, but we need to be consistent in running the football. I think for us, it comes down to Montel (Aaron) getting into a rhythm…I think that’s just a part of his maturation process. Just exciting and painful at times, but he’s learning.

2. What are some of the areas in which Montel Aaron can improve on to become a better quarterback this week and what can do between now and next season to become a better quarterback?

This week, I think Montel (Aaron) can be diligent in here, getting prepared by watching what Wyoming does on defense and have a good understanding on how we’re going to protect him when the ball is there. They (Cowboys) have an excellent defense. Their defensive line is one of the best we’re going to play this year.

They have linebackers that can run it and their secondary is mature and very, very good. So his preparation this week is going to be critical because he’s going to be going against…I don’t want to put it as the best defense in our conference, but they got to be closer to the top, so that’s a challenge for him…This offseason, I think it’s going to be about his growing process. This will be a critical offseason for Montel (Aaron). Going into an offseason where you’re kind of in a four man fight for that position…He’s going to have to be out in front of his team everyday, leading the way.

3. How will the running game look in the finale with Tyler Nevens and Zamore Zigler?

I think the running back group is a group that we feel strongly about. It’s been great to see Tyler (Nevens) emerge. He’s kind of our go-to guy with the football. But him not being available last weekend, we saw some good stuff from Zamore Zigler, from (DeJon) Packer and from (Malik) Roberson, so I think that’s a group that we feel good about. They all bring something a little different to the table…We feel great about that group. Whoever’s ready and healthy to move the ball down the field, that’s who we’re going to go with.

4. What did you think about how the defensive line played last Saturday?

I think we definitely get a boost from some of those guys. We got Bryson (Bridges) back for the second week in a row, Boogie (Owen Roberts) back after he missed two games, and Losi (Latu) has just been a warrior all season, just battling through all kinds of knicks and injury stuff, so I think that’s a group that we’re excited about. Those guys are returning. Those guys are guys that are going to be leaders for our football team…I think they play well at times, but I think there are also some plays that they’d like to have back. But it was some of the best d-line in football.

5. What do you think about Frank Ginda setting a Mountain West record for number of tackles in a season?

Frank is a really proud kid and I think it shows in how he plays and it shows that how he goes about preparing for every game…It was just neat to see the smile on his face. He’s definitely proud on what he’s done, but there’s also this part of him—he’s a team guy—so he knows that we’re not where we need to be as a team…I’m just excited for him to play at a high level and be a leader on our team.

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The Spartans conclude the regular season with a home game against the Wyoming Cowboys on Saturday, November 25 at 2 pm PST.


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