Highly Rated Nevada Baseball Class Of Recruits Looks Good

Coach Bruce must be happy with new recruits

Highly Rated Nevada Baseball Class Of Recruits Looks Good

Mountain West Baseball

Highly Rated Nevada Baseball Class Of Recruits Looks Good


Nevada Recruits for 2018 Season

Most of the following were signed last November and are on the roster as of September 21. There were a few additions and deletions as I’ve noted below. Coach T.J. Bruce’s class of recruits is ranked 35th in the nation by at least one service.

Austin Crowson, LHP, Lane CC, Monroe, OR

Not on roster.

Marcus Chiu, 2B, College of Marin, Marin, CA

Not on roster.

Joshua Prizina, C, Spanish Springs HS, Sparks, NV

I didn’t find complete stats for him but I did find that he made first team All-State based on his conference stats where he hit .404 with 4 home runs. Baseball ability runs in the family as his brother plays for Seattle University.

Joshua Zamora, INF, El Toro HS, Lake Forest, CA

Made his All-League team.

Kenneth Lebeau, INF, Granite Bay HS, Granite Bay, CA

Ken hit .346 his senior year which was 100 points lower than his junior year. Sometimes I think the lower stats during senior years have more to do with pressure being off in the recruitment process than anything else.  He played in the 2017 NorCal World Series which is pretty prestigious.

Kyle Marino,  RHP, Alta Loma HS, Alta Loma, CA

Couldn’t find much but he did play on a lot of good summer teams.

Daniel Perry, SS, Lassen College, Susanville, CA

A 13th round draft pick out of high school. He was good enough in CC to be picked a pre-season AA. He hit .317 and 2 his final year at Lassen and he comes in as a junior.

Adam Kirk, RHP, Arcata HS, Eureka, CA

He has good size at 6’5” and 210.

Jacob Jackson, RHP, El Toro HS, Lake Forest, CA

He made third team AA by Perfect Game. That’s no wonder as he was 12-1 and 0.61 both of which are impressive.

Tyler Bosetti, SS, Vacaville HS, Vacaville, CA

He hit .386 his senior year with a .638 slugging percentage. Apparently has some pop.

Bradley Norton, INF, Amador Valley HS, Pleasanton, CA

Bradley hit .407 his senior year.

On roster but not on my list:

Jordan Jackson, RHP, Helix Charter HS, San Diego, CA

He was 5-1 and 0.89 his senior year. Not bad.

Dalton Gomez, LHP, San Mateo CC, San Mateo, CA

A late signee he was 10-1 and 2.93 for his juco team. He had 82 strike outs and 28 BB in 80 IP. Good stuff but I’d like to see the walks come down a bit even if the ratio is about 4:1.

OK, so what do I see? This class looks ok to me but 35th rated seems more than a bit high. Then again they have a lot kids who look pretty good such as the following. Daniel Perry is probably the gem of the bunch but he wasn’t drafted out of juco so the bigs seemed to have lost interest. Who catches my eye other than Perry? Josh Prizina looks pretty good as he hit for average and he has some pop too. Also Kenneth Lebeau and Jacob Jackson look good. I might add that Jackson was the poster boy for the LA Times high school all-star team. Anyway, these guys certainly will get lots of looks during intra squad games. But, decide for yourself as there seems to be no slouches here.


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