Brent Brennan Talks To Media After San Jose State Makes Conference History

Brent Brennan Talks To Media After San Jose State Makes Conference History

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Brent Brennan Talks To Media After San Jose State Makes Conference History


San Jose State makes conference history

San Jose State is on a seven-game losing skid after tough loss to BYU in bottom-feeder matchup

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San Jose State hopes to beat San Diego State, but it’s not going to be easy

SAN JOSE — For the first time in Mountain West Conference history, the Spartans posted a 1-8 record. Saturday’s 40-21 loss to BYU was more lopsided than the average fan thought as SJSU put up 14 of their 21 points in the fourth quarter.

It seemed like it was more of a chore for Spartans head coach Brent Brennan to answer questions from the local media in his weekly press conference at Simpkins Stadium Center.

Here are the five questions I asked Brennan.

1. Looking at the pure numbers, one might think that San Jose State had a decent game. The running game showed signs of improvement as Tyler Nevens recorded 112 yards. What are a couple of things the team could learn from a disastrous first half?

Well, I think the biggest thing that we got to understand is how important the football is. When we’re carrying the football and when we’re throwing the football, you’re holding the hopes and dreams of everybody in the building, everybody on the campus and everybody in San Jose—especially if they went to school here. Some of that stuff will be again emphasized…The guys who had those turnovers on Saturday were freshmen, redshirt freshmen or new. We’re trying to get them to understand the importance of the ball. We need to do the proper things to prepare.

2. How did BYU’s offense seemingly get back on track against this defense?

I think a combination of our youth and the defensive front and the inability to pressure the quarterback. This really gave (Tanner) Mangum a lot of time and a lot of confidence. He had been kind of struggling—as I’d like to say up until that point—but he played his best game for sure against us. And I think that’s a combination of some of those guys in the front…Some of the situations, we had to play a linebacker as a defensive lineman and BYU’s offensive line is big and so they swallowed those guys up a little bit.

3. Did the referee give you an explanation after the replay official determined there was no targeting penalty on the BYU player that tackled Rahshead Johnson on the kickoff return?

It’s funny, I’ve been waiting for it to come up. I’m surprised it took this long. But I’m not allowed to comment on the officials. I’m sorry.

4. Do you have an update on Rahshead Johnson?
I don’t. Sorry.

5. How is San Jose State going to prepare for a tough team like San Diego State?

We’re going to have to do a good job with being physical in practice this week. We’re going to have to bang a little bit so we can make sure we get used to the things I’ve mentioned: the big bodies, the big, heavy NFL-style kind of run game, and then also an extremely talented running back. So our defense has to place an emphasis on defeating blocks and tackling and finishing tackles. And with our offense, there’s got to be an emphasis on handling the physicality and the movements of their defense, which is incredible.

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The Spartans (1-8) host the Aztecs (7-2) on Saturday, November 4 at 7:30 p.m. PST on ESPU.


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